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Future Sado-Masochistic Torture Specialist?

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Okay so I've made reference to Emmett John's future as a Torture Specialist in the Military. It would now appear that he wishes to branch out. Apparently, Mr. Emmett John feels that job is too narrow in it's description and he is seeking to pad his resume a bit. You see Emmett John has 4 teeth, nay razor blades, 2 top and 2 bottom making a nice little razor blade vice grip. Now I've nursed two babies before Emmett John. Both of them had teeth of their very own while nursing. Both of them bit me exactly once, apiece. Period. It went something like this:

Gavin and/or Elliott Richard jump and begin to cry but never bite me again.

With Emmett John it's a little different. It goes something like this:

Emmett John grins and giggles while refusing to release my nipple from his razor blade vice.

So it appears to me that my precious little miracle baby is a sado-masochistic torture specialist in training. He's even injured me and I can't figure out how to make it stop. I think I'm going to have to wean him long before originally planned but what more can I do?

Oh, where are my injuries you ask? Well, I'll leave you with this photo from NBC's "The Office" (one of my absolute favorite shows) and allow you to use your imaginations from there...


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog when I googled to find the correct dose of infant tylenol for my 7mo old....not sure why but your blog popped my experience I think your little guy may like your reaction when he bits you be it positive or negative you reaction he must think is just plain funny. So try not to react tell him no firmly and remove him from the breast *game over* he is playing with you!!! Hopefully he will learn his lesson when he doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for and he also doesn't get to nurse when he bits. Good luck and hopefully you will not have to wean earlier than you intended.~H

Nicole said...

Ya know, Jr plays this game (only he lets go). Hmmm perhaps they will be partners later on in life. (I'm thinking EJ will play the bad cop to Jr's good one...) I don't have any words of advice for you other then we are about to COMPLETELY wean also. We were down to just at bedtime/night time but the biting has just GONE TOO FAR! :( (((BIG HUGS to you my friend)))

Katrina said...

yay, something to look forward to. ;-)
Hopefully you can figure out a way to make him stop!
And I love the office too! My hubby finally got me hooked on it...

Merrilee said...

I'm told by some that I'm a bad mommy, but this works for us. When he bites, I thump him on the head, tell him no and don't let him nurse for a few minutes. It doesn't hurt him, but it startled him and makes him mad that he can't have any more boobie. When he pinches me, I pinch him back. Then when he does it to me its associated to pain. Good luck!

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