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04/22/09 13:57:36 in dextrocardia if the heart is flipped and nothing else is flipped what is this called (Google) ~ We have some experience where this is concerned. It's still called dextrocardia. :)
04/21/09 21:54:09 sado (Google) ~ Ah yes, that would be my darling youngest son.
04/21/09 15:29:19 cheerio flavors that never worked (MSN) ~ I'm kind of curious about this one. I may need to go and look this up on my own later on.
04/21/09 11:15:07 tylenol dose for a 18lb 7 month old (Yahoo) ~ I also do not know how or why this search led you to my blog, however, I thank you for your help with the whole sado Emmett John issue. :)
04/21/09 09:58:51 dentist started drilling (Google) ~ Ick. Ick. Ick. Ew. Ew. Ew.
04/19/09 19:11:28 cheerio commercial (Google) ~ Wow. Still?
04/17/09 22:20:46 twitterisms (Google) ~ Yup. You'll find those here.
04/17/09 11:25:10 john emmett blog (Google) ~ I suppose this is as much his blog as anyone elses.
04/17/09 02:24:55 Side effects of Cherrios (Google) ~ Cheerios have side effects?! Really?
04/17/09 00:53:04 6 weeks old baby autism (Yahoo) ~ Hey I'm all for early intervention but this is a bit too early. It's okay. Just breathe and enjoy your new baby. Oh and Congrats! :)



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