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My laptop won't connect to the internet. So we will have to put off the finishing of my doozy of a post part deux - don't worry you haven't missed it, I'm still writing it. So yes, it's likely to be just as long, if not longer than my previous doozy of a post. Now on to the update...

My dr's appointment @ 9:00am? Check.
Fasted for cholesterol test? Oops. That's a negative.
Topamax increased? Check.
Allergy meds prescribed? Check.
Other meds prescribed? Check.
I even lost a pound!
Home by 10:00am.

Appointment w/Dr. R @ 11:00am? Check.
Changed the dose of his Zyprexa.
Waiting to hear from Psychology unit at local Children's Hospital about scheduling testing.
Learned that Zyprexa will have to be stopped a minimum ONE WEEK before testing. (Oy.)
Gavin behaved wonderfully so we rewarded him w/lunch of his choice. He wanted orange chicken and lo mein. He ate it all in a single sitting.
Home by 12:15pm.

Came home. Rob was feeling sick so he slept for the rest of the day. I wolfed down my Steak Escape. (I *heart* Steak Escape!) And took my sister, who was kind enough to baby-sit the fuss-pots (a.k.a. Elliott Richard and Emmett John) all morning, to a "Special Person's Tea" w/my niece.

Came home, again. Emmett John napped for a little bit. Elliott Richard spiked a fever, again. Gave him his Motrin and called Dr. H's office, again. (I swear they should name a room after us at this point.) Made an appointment to see the CNP at 4:30pm. I don't care for her but it was either her or the one doctor I prefer to avoid, especially when it comes to Elliott Richard.

Elliott Richard
Made it the office at 4:30pm w/Elliott Richard, Emmett John and Trisha in tow? Check.
Elliott Richard freaking out over shots? Check.
Explain to him no shots today? Check.
Elliott Richard still freaking out? Double check.
CNP calls us back.
Aunt Trisha to the rescue, asks CNP if there will be shots. That's a negative - no shots today.
Elliott Richard calms down.
Emmett John seems fascinated by being on the "other side".
CNP checks out Elliott Richard.
Bronchitis. (Of course.)
Opinion of CNP changed? Double check.
Homeward bound at 5:00pm w/prescription for Zithromax.
Pickup chicken nugget happy meal as reward on the way home.

Now it's 8:13pm. I have no internet on my laptop. The ice in my Polar Pop is melting. My buffalo wings are getting cold. Elliott Richard is looking for ANY excuse to not sleep. I just wanted to vegg, do some blog writing, South Park watching and Polar Pop drinking. Alas it was not meant to be.

Ah well, on the bright side Rob is the only one left to get sick. On the crappy side, when he gets sick with what we've been passing around he usually ends up hospitalized. Are we having fun yet?

And does anyone else find it odd (funny haha odd or crazy interesting odd) that Emmett John was the only one hospitalized for this so far and he's also the only one who recovered without antibiotics?



The Wife O Riley said...

Is that one day??? Man, I am amazed!

Lizze said...

Yup, sadly, that was one day. What's worse is that's about the norm for us. It's no wonder Rob and I are slowly losing our minds. ;)

Ah...true love...

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