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Whose Ear Infection was that Again?!

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Some of you may remember me posting here about Mr. Emmett John and his ear infection that would not die and the very real possibility of him having to get tubes. Well, Trish and I took him to see his ENT Dr. KR this morning. He's been a real crank butt lately so I was afraid the nasty infection has returned.


Dr. KR said that his ear are clear and perfect! He went on to say that most kids get their ear infections in the winter and the fact that Emmett John has had this many nasty ones in the summer could indicate that winter is going to be particularly nasty for him. But "he's not God, that's just his educated opinion". Those are his exact words. lol

He said that the next time Emmett John gets an ear infection to have Dr. H call him and he'll arrange for the tubes. Or we can call him and say "That's it! We're done! Put the tubes in because we can't take it anymore!" lol Either way, he'll set it up and get it done. So for now, we wait and see.

Then, not one to be out-done, Elliott Richard has been feeling under the weather for the past few days. I've been trying desperately to get ahead of it by drying him up with Benedyl at night. I lost. Yesterday, he woke up and started coughing and hacking. Then last night he went to bed. Fell asleep. Woke up vomitting like 15 minutes later.

I called Dr. H this morning and got him in at 2pm. Rob took him because Emmett John and I were exhausted and napping. Turns out that Elliott Richard now has the ear infection. Oy vay. So he's on Amoxicilian and napping right now, which means he'll either never sleep tonight or sleep like the dead tonight. With Elliott Richard you just never know.

Ah the joys of life in the Cheerio house.


Today's Twitter-ims

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Elliott Richard: Mommy, Dammy's here!

(His cousin Danny was at the door.)

Elliott Richard: (screaming through the door) Dammy! I ate a bug a boogers!

(He tries to open the door.)

Elliott Richard: Mommy, I need the keys. This door is locked.

(Gavin gets up to try and help him. Elliott Richard pushes him back.)

Elliott Richard: No, Gavin! Dammy is MY'S COUSIN not your's!

(I let Danny in.)

Elliott Richard: Dammy, I eat a bug and boogers!

(Danny talks to Trisha.)

Danny: Bye guys. Elliott, don't eat bugs and boogers. Please!


Tuesday Toot

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I got a referral to Pain Management from my PCP. Yay!


Blog Hoppin' ~ #1 Favorite Kid Photos

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Blog Hop - Favorite Kid Photo 7/28/2009

Description: This week's Blog Hop theme is "Favorite Kid Photos". You can have one or more of your favorite photos your kids, grandkids, someone else's kid or even YOU when you were a kid. Funny, precious, heartwarming... your favorite!

Maggie Sue is my fur baby. She loves the hose! Rob turns it on. Maggie attacks! It's hilarious.

Gavin's a crazy, arms-flailing, pants-falling, fish-out-of-water, sprinkler jumping fool! :)

Mr. Emmett John quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, sneakiest little biter around.

Elliott Richard is the talkative, schemeing, planning, thinking, double-checking, rechecking, not-at-all-sure if he really wants to jump over the sprikler...nah, maybe I'll just touch it instead.


Not Me Monday My Three Sons

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Today is Monday. Normally, I would partake in "Not Me Monday" with all the rest of MckMama's many faithful readers/followers. However, MckMama, Prince Charming, Stellan and the rest of the MckCharming Clan are currently in the middle of a rather...well shitty situation. Stellan is very sick and needs everyone's prayers and happy thoughts and "get better soon vibes" and whatever else you care to send his way. His doctors could use prayers for wisdom and inner peace because I can't imagine that treating a child that young and small and so sick is a very easy thing to do. MckMama and Prince Charming could use some of those prayers etc for peace of heart, peace of mind, and peace of spirit. I can't even imagine what this must be like for them. And then of course for the elder MckSibs, if you could pray for peace and age-appropriate understanding for them.

So in leu of Not Me Monday, I have decided to start my own little Meme this week. I am going to do: My 3 Sons. All I'm going to do is list my boys one-by-one and then I'll list some random things I love about them. This week I'm going to focus on little personality traits they have that I love. Next week, maybe I focus on silly things they say or funny connections they've made. And so it shall go. Now if anyone chooses to play along (please feel free) just mention where you got the idea and link back to me. And if you don't have 3 sons then change it to match what you do have - 3 daughters, 3 babies, 3 kids etc. Heck you could play with My 3 Cats if you wanted to. :) Anyway, without further ado....away we go! :)

My 3 Sons


~ He sleeps fully clothed (long sleeve shirt, pants, socks) every night under a comforter even in the middle of summer (we don't have A/C and yes, we've tried to get him to stop - he won't).

~ He has the most vivid imagination of any child (myself included) I have ever known.

~ He loves with his whole heart, unconditionally.

Elliott Richard

~ He talks non-stop...including right up to the very moment he falls asleep at night.

~ He loves to brush his teeth.

~ He loves the sprinkler but he won't run through it - he'll run right up to it but never through.

Emmett John

~ He snorts when he laughs really hard.

~ When he's tired but not overly so, he sings himself to sleep.

~ As he's learning to climb up on the couch, he's also discovered that if he bites someone already sitting on the couch they make a good anchor while he climbs!

Well there's my first entry into My 3 Sons. I hope you enjoy reading about my babes as much as I enjoy raising them. :)


Google It

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Saturday 9 - #1 Fast Car

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Saturday 9: Fast Car

1. What’s the furthest trip you’ve taken by automobile? The trip out west to Texas and Oklahoma with my parents and Grandma when I was a kid.

2. What’s the worst pick up line you've ever received? Oh, I don't even remember.

3. What’s the best pick up line you’ve gotten? It's been so long since I heard one that I can't remember this either. Sorry. (And how sad does this make me sound. lol)

4. What was the last gift that you received? A St. Dymphna medal with a beautiful silver chain and a St. Dymphna coin/medal to carry in my pocket/purse/diaper bag. My (birth) Mom got them for me for my 29th birthday because St. Dymphna is the patron saint of anxiety, nervous and mental disorders and she was trying to show her support for everything I've been going through lately, which I thought was pretty sweet. Plus it was my first birthday gift from her. Except for the actual gift of life that is. :) lol

5. What was the last gift that you gave someone? The last one that I actually remember was Elliott Richard's mini-DVD player for his birthday in March. I know there have been other gifts given since then. I just can't seem to remember them to save my life right now.

6. Tell us about the last time you cried. Yesterday. I've been in the midst of a fibro flare that was so bad it hurt to even be touched. So of course, all Emmett John wanted to do was sit on my lap and snuggle.

7. Tell us about the last time you laughed uncontrollably. It was just the other day at my insurance agent's office. I was there to fix a paperwork snaffu with my life insurance and had to take a DNA-type-cheek-swab-test to prove I don't have HIV/AIDS, don't smoke etc. Well, there was something about the whole cheek-swab test thing that just got to us and we couldn't stop laughing. It was us. ;)

8. Do you suffer road rage? What are your thoughts on it? It depends on what's happening on any given day. But yes, there are times that I suffer road rage. It truly is one of more useless emotions in life. It doesn't help you drive more effectively or anything of that nature. It just makes you more of a danger to yourself and others on the road. Myself, included in that assessment.

9. What’s one of your favorite movie quotes?
“Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a Man! This pain is a part of being human--”“THEN—I –DON’T—WANT—TO—BE—HUMAN!” Harry roared, and he seized one of the delicate silver instruments from the spindle-legged table beside him and flung it across the room. It shattered into a hundred tiny pieces against the wall. Several of the pictures let out yells of anger and fright, and the portrait of Armando Dippet said, “Really!”“I DON’T CARE!” Harry bellowed at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” …“You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.” ~Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore
This is my all-time favorite movie quote hands down because it fits me so perfectly.

And that, ladies and germs, is my first official Saturday 9. I know Memes aren't "real" blogs but sometimes they are all I'm able to churn out. And as you can see looking back, I have trouble churning them out most of the time. But I've always had a weak-spot for questions (I *heart* questions!) so when I stumbled upon this Meme, I simply had to join! :)


Six Word Saturday #5

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Please God let this flare end.



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I'm sorry I'm a loud coffee-maker. ~ I'm sorry I'm a loud cough-maker.

Green Grandma ~ My birthmother Mary

(He gave her this name because her car is a green-ish color. Now everytime he sees a car that looks similar to hers he squeals "Grandma Mary?!")

Last night I was putting him to bed for the night. This is part of our conversation:

Me: I love you, Boo-boo.

Elliott Richard: I love you too, Mommy. And I loves my Daddy. And I loves my toys. And Ennett John. And I loves my penis. Good night.

Me:, good night Boo-boo.


Is that a *light* I see at the end of this tunnel?

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Or is it a train?!

Seriously, given my luck, I hope it's not a train.

I took Mr. Emmett John to see Dr. H this morning at 10:15am. (I also doubled booked myself without realizing it and missed my appointment with my therapist but I digress.) He checked out both of Emmett's ears and said they look good. They aren't perfect by any means but they look "like ears that are on the mend rather than getting worse again".


At first he was under the impression that Mr. Emmett John has had a few more ear infections then just these last few. So he wanted me to push Dr. KR for the tubes next week. After he looked back through his medical records, he changed his mind. Now he wants me to be sure and mention it to Dr. KR and if he looks at Emmett's ears and they are infected again, even after finishing the Augmentin, then he wants me to push for the tubes. Other wise he said to just follow Dr. KR's lead on what to do.

So for now, there is hope! :)

For now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I just hope it isn't a train...please keep praying!


Tuesday Toot!

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Today, I survived.

I also informed my mother (Barb) that my birth mother (Mary) is becoming more involved in my life, which includes Rob and the boys. (That went over like a lead balloon. But more about that in another post.)

I took a nap.

I found a new layout that fits me.

(I suppose it's the little things, right?)


Please excuse my mess...Again.

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Yes, I know. I know. I just redecorated way back when but the fact of the matter is that while I loved that layout, it simply wasn't me. So I've spent today looking for a layout that I felt fit me. I've finally found it! However, now it's going to take 84,000 hours to get all of my widgets back in place and reordered. But that's okay, because I like doing this part. :)

Yeah, so anyway, if you would be so kind as to excuse my mess, again. I would appreciate it. I should only be for a little while longer now.

Thanks. :)


The Dryer, The Ear Infection, & The Terrorists

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You know, kind of like "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" only not. In my story there isn't any fun or adventure. No one makes any new friends. Or triumphs over evil.

In my story, the dryer puts out heat but doesn't tumble. The washer washes. The dryer doesn't dry. And we are running out of clothes. We don't have the money for the laundromat. My sister has graciously offered the use of her dryer, as has Grandma G but that's only going to work for so long. I'm mechanically challenged, meaning I can't fixing things to save my own life so I can't fix it. Rob's thrown his back out and is going to try and fix it but I don't know how that's going to work.

Mr. Emmett John has an appointment with Dr. H tomorrow morning at 10:15am to get his ear infection rechecked. I've been giving him his Augmentin twice a day, on a full stomach just like Dr. M said. For the first few days he was getting better. His mood was improving. He was sleeping better. He was our happy, independent little guy again. Then some where around Saturday morning (happy birthday to me, right?) he started pulling, smacked and poking at his right ear again. His mood took another nose dive and he became really clingy again. Now I could be wrong here, and I honestly hope that I am, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the ear infection had started to clear up and is now back. :( I really hope that I'm wrong. But I honestly won't be at all surprised if I'm right.

Then there are "The Terrorists". I have 3 of them now. Yes, you read that correctly, Mr. Emmett John has joined the ranks of the Terrorists. It's a sad day in the Cheerio Household. I'm not out-numbered 3-to-1. And they are taking full advantage of it! True, they can't, and don't, work together (what terrorists do though?) but that doesn't make them any less terrifying. Or any less of a handful. Or any...less...exhausting.

In fact, it almost makes them worse because at any given moment I've got Elliott Richard over here jumping on the couch, which he knows he shouldn't be. Then I've got Gavin over there throwing toys, again something that he knows he shouldn't be doing. And finally I've got the trifecta with #3, Mr. Emmett John off in the corner trying desperately to pull his diaper off for God only knows what reason a 1 year has for wanting his diaper off. No is listening because they all claim I was talking to "that one over there". I'm pulling my hair out by the roots, or at least seriously considering it. The Terrorists are all grinning from ear-to-ear and couldn't possiblly be any happier. And so it goes. Afterall, who am I, a mere mortal of a mother, to deny them these silly, crazy life experiences?


Six Word Saturday #4

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It's my birthday, here comes drama.

I know it sounds dramatic but it's true. There seems to be some sort of "bad luck birthday fairy" that follows me around every year. Every year it finds new and exciting ways to make my birthday a drama filled mess. So far (and I've only been awake for like 45 minutes) things are going okay. So I have hope that maybe this year will be different, although a few things have already taken place that point to the fact that this year will be like every other year.


The Ear Infection Antibiotics Couldn't Kill

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Sorry I've been MIA again. It's been a crazy month for a few different reasons. I'll go into some of it when I'm ready, but not now. For now I'd like to focus on Mr. Emmett John. He's turned 1! (I have pictures and video that I will be sure to post - as soon as I find them.) And he's been sick. You're surprised, I know. But this is crazy even by Emmett John standards.

About a month or so ago, I took him in to see Dr. M because Emmett John had been super fussy and grumpy. Totally inconsolible. Picking at his food. He didn't want to drink. Wouldn't sleep. Completely not himself. He didn't have a fever or anything. But there was clearly something off. So away to see the pediatrician we went...completely expecting to find nothing.


Turns out that Emmett John had a horrible, bright red ear infection in his left ear. He just happens to be one of those kids who doesn't have any signs of an infection (fever etc). So Dr. M gave us a prescription for the pink "bubblegum" medicine (that I can't remember the name right now). He took that for 10 days. About 4 days after he finished that he was still Super Grump. So I called them back. (This was last Wednesday.) Guess what happened then?

Yup. Away we went to see Dr. M again. He checks. Again expecting to find nothing but an over-protective mommy. Wrong again. Now he's got a nasty, bright red ear infection in his right ear. Again, he didn't have a fever. He was just a grump who wasn't sleeping, eating, drinking etc. So we left that appointment with a prescription for Omnicef. Believing that it would clear up the infection and when we returned today all would be right with the world.

Wrong again!

We saw Dr. M again this morning bright and early at 8:45am. I was hoping against hope that he would find no more infection. Even though I knew that his behavior was indicative of his ear infection still hanging around. I was right. Dr. M checked and his right ear is still bright red and inflamed. Now Mr. Emmett John is on Augmentin, which is the last and strongest medication they are willing to try. If this doesn't work, when we see Dr. KR on July 29th for his continued hoarseness we will also discuss having tubes placed in his ears. :(

We go see Dr. H next Wednesday to see if the Augmentin has worked. We would see Dr. M again except he will be on vacation, lucky guy. So while it's a small thing, in the great big scheme of things, if you could pray that his ear infection clears up in the next week. I would really appreciate it.


Eating vs Wearing...You be the Judge

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Some say that 1 year old children shouldn't have chocolate. And as a general rule, I don't give it to him because of his various food sensitivities. However, I gave it just once.

Emmett John trying desperately to shove his entire face into the pudding cup.

Perhaps if he tries from a different angle...


What is this "Summer" you speak of?

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Elliott Richard has recently figured out how to dress himself all by himself, without any help from Mom and Dad. He's not so keen on following these pesky things called weather reports and seasons though. lol

Yes, those are his "new" snow boots he's wearing. And yes, that's a long sleeve shirt he's got on.

Yes, I tried to talk him out of both. Obviously, I failed on both accounts.

And so I gave up and followed him outside to nab some super cute pictures of him marching around, all proud of himself. :)

Honestly now, what would you have done when confronted with a face that cute all proud of what he had accomplished?


Oh the Strange Places We Sleep

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Who needs a crib, bed or a pillow when you've got an Aunt Trisha?!

He was perfectly content sleeping in that position. If we tried to move him (and we did) he would fight to get right back there again. Finally, we just gave up and allowed him to lay on her leg and sleep. lol

I had a migraine and Daddy had made dinner for everyone. He thought it was simple task...

Step 1 - Plunk Emmett John into the high chair.

Step 2 - Supply Emmett John with plenty of scrambled eggs, Gerber Mixed Berry Yogurt Melts (two of his favorite foods) and a sippy.

Step 3 - Emmett John eats his dinner. (or so we thought)

Easy peasy, right. Clearly, Emmett John had other plans. lol


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