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Not Me Monday My Three Sons

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Today is Monday. Normally, I would partake in "Not Me Monday" with all the rest of MckMama's many faithful readers/followers. However, MckMama, Prince Charming, Stellan and the rest of the MckCharming Clan are currently in the middle of a rather...well shitty situation. Stellan is very sick and needs everyone's prayers and happy thoughts and "get better soon vibes" and whatever else you care to send his way. His doctors could use prayers for wisdom and inner peace because I can't imagine that treating a child that young and small and so sick is a very easy thing to do. MckMama and Prince Charming could use some of those prayers etc for peace of heart, peace of mind, and peace of spirit. I can't even imagine what this must be like for them. And then of course for the elder MckSibs, if you could pray for peace and age-appropriate understanding for them.

So in leu of Not Me Monday, I have decided to start my own little Meme this week. I am going to do: My 3 Sons. All I'm going to do is list my boys one-by-one and then I'll list some random things I love about them. This week I'm going to focus on little personality traits they have that I love. Next week, maybe I focus on silly things they say or funny connections they've made. And so it shall go. Now if anyone chooses to play along (please feel free) just mention where you got the idea and link back to me. And if you don't have 3 sons then change it to match what you do have - 3 daughters, 3 babies, 3 kids etc. Heck you could play with My 3 Cats if you wanted to. :) Anyway, without further ado....away we go! :)

My 3 Sons


~ He sleeps fully clothed (long sleeve shirt, pants, socks) every night under a comforter even in the middle of summer (we don't have A/C and yes, we've tried to get him to stop - he won't).

~ He has the most vivid imagination of any child (myself included) I have ever known.

~ He loves with his whole heart, unconditionally.

Elliott Richard

~ He talks non-stop...including right up to the very moment he falls asleep at night.

~ He loves to brush his teeth.

~ He loves the sprinkler but he won't run through it - he'll run right up to it but never through.

Emmett John

~ He snorts when he laughs really hard.

~ When he's tired but not overly so, he sings himself to sleep.

~ As he's learning to climb up on the couch, he's also discovered that if he bites someone already sitting on the couch they make a good anchor while he climbs!

Well there's my first entry into My 3 Sons. I hope you enjoy reading about my babes as much as I enjoy raising them. :)



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