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I will give more details about my big news tomorrow, once my laptop is recovered after it's death by battery drain earlier this evening. (Oops! Lol) I will say this though...I've managed to accomplish one of my life-long goals - to become a freelance writer! At this point, I've only written and had one article published but I have many, many more swirling around in my head. If you have a second, please check out my first article...

YIPPEE!!! :)


I am Harriet said...

I've had a battery die on me and I know your pain.
I enjoyed reading about you on your sidebar. I too was a non-spanking mom. I am glad I made that decision now that my kids are pretty much grown.Spanking is an easy way out.

I'm stopping by to thank you for signing up for the September Comment Challenge.
Happy Commenting!

Ah...true love...

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