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Gavin's 7 Rules

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Gavin's 7 Rules

1.) No internet. Especially YouTube as it is grossly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18 in my opinion. But basically, no internet at all. He cannot even watch you on the internet because he doesn’t understand the difference.

2.) No video games. This includes computer, internet, console (Wii, PS2, PS1 etc.), handheld (Game boy, DS, PSP etc.) or $5 cheapie hand-held games. If it's digital and a game, the answer is No. This also includes watching others play video games. He cannot even handle being a spectator.

3.) No fighting. This includes martial arts battles, sword fighting, toy guns and weapons of any kind. This also includes imaginary Pokemon battles. He is unable to set or follow limits in these situations and therefore cannot be involved in these situations.

4.) No shopping or presents unless Rob & I approve it in advance. This includes window shopping online, window shopping in the stores or catalogs.

5.) No play dates. This includes cousins, play lands at fast food establishments, parks etc. Gavin CANNOT interact with most other kids (for their own safety as well as Gavin’s).

6.) Be on time. If you say you will be here to pick him up or drop him off at 1:00pm then be here at 1:00pm not hours later.

7.) When in doubt as to if something falls under a rule, ASK FIRST! It only takes a simple phone call to double check that you have the correct information, which will prevent major issues later on. As much as we all love Gavin, he isn't the best source for information so please, please, please always ask first.



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