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Thursday Thirteen ~ 13 Shows I'll Always Love

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1.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~ Yes, it's old school. Yes, it's slightly cheesey - especially now. But I love it! I have been known to record it from start to finish and watch it - repeatedly. Back when it was still on television. There is just something about this show that speaks to me on some level and I can't get enough of it. I currently own the first season on DVD. I would love to own all of the seasons so that I could sit down with a few gallons of sweet tea, some popcorn and chocolate and watch them all. All of the seasons, back to back all in a row.

2.) The Office ~ I admit when The Office first began, I hated it. I was offended by Michael Scott. There are still times when I will cover my eyes because I am offended by Michael Scott and can't bear to watch him say or do whatever it is that's about to happen. lol But even I couldn't avoid the pull of Jim and Pam and everyone else for long.

3.) Law & Order ~ I remember hearing the theme song to L&O when I was kid at my Granny's house but I couldn't understand that appeal. As an adult, I understand the appeal. I haven't seen anything near all the episodes but of the repeats that I've seen, I have absolutely no problem watching them, repeatedly. If only recording them all didn't fill-up my DVR box so quickly.

4.) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ~ I started watching this series in the 2nd season. It was love at first sight. Even with my history, I love it. In fact, I firmly believe that it's my history that allows L&O: SVU and I to have such a strong bond because in SVU I can see the justice take place that I'm likely never to receive myself.

5.) Law & Order: Criminal Intent ~ Vincent D'Onofrio, enough said.

6.) NCIS ~ The plotlines are amazing. The cast chemistry completely draws me in. Plus my nearest and dearest, Nikky, watches it with her hubby Chris so we get to discuss it. You know, in between diapers and doctors appointments and other misc parenting things. lol

7.) Good Eats ~ I've said it once, I'll said it again...I *heart* Alton Brown. I considered naming Emmett John, Alton but figured people would struggle with it. Plus I didn't think Rob would agree. I just love how he makes cooking everything from the simplest meals to the most complicated things sound so easy that I actually feel like I could make them. (I'm still convinced I could make omelets and creps, if I took the time to try. LMAO)

8.) Reba ~ I stumbled upon this show completely by accident a while ago. Now I'm in love. When I can't find anything else on that I like, there's usually an episode of Reba on. I love Reba anyway because I'm a big country music fan but to see her acting rather than singing is such a lovely change. Then when she sings in the show, acting as if she isn't a professional singer in real life, I just love it. Plus it's just a good family show and you can't go wrong with that these days.

9.) Friends ~ I've always loved this show. Even back when it was popular, way back when. Then when Gavin and I were living in "Hell" with...well, in "another lifetime" we used to sit and watch reruns after dinner but before bedtime. We would sit and watch and rock for an hour and it amazed me because Gavin wasn't even a year old but we was always so calm and quiet for the entire hour. It's one of the few happy memories I have from that time. Plus the episodes are always good for a good laugh when nothing is on.

10.) Judging Amy ~ This is another one I don't remember how I got started on it but much like Buffy, I could record it and watch it from beginning to end over and over again without any problems. When we became involved with Child Protective Services a few years ago, I actually said that I only had one request for our Social Worker...I wanted her to be just like Maxine Gray from Judging Amy. I just knew if our Social Worker was compassionate and tenacious in all the right ways; we would be okay. Janice was and we were. In the end, Judging Amy was what helped to renew my faith in the Juvinile Justice System time and time again.

11.) Blues Clues ~ Okay, admitedly I won't love this show because it's a show I personally enjoy. I will always love this show because my boys love and enjoy this show, at least for now. So by playing this show I can usually assure myself a half hour, maybe more, of peace and quiet. Some days peace and quiet is worth everything in the world, which makes this the most very important show in the world.

12.) Intervention ~ This is one of those reality shows that keeps me honest. It keeps me on my toes. Because of my fibromyalgia and migraine headaches I'm on quite a few different heavy duty medications and watching this show reminds me of what could very well happen to me at any given moment if I don't stay on my toes.

13.) The Real World ~ My original reality television show. The one that got me started. I remember way back when I found it on MTV, which I wasn't supposed to be watching at the time (my big act of teenage rebellion) and I fell in love. I didn't know then what reality television was but I thought the idea was pure genius. I still love the all day Real World Marathons. Granted, I prefer the older seasons to the new ones but I'll take what I can get.

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Starrlight said...

You should never apologize for Buffy! Happy TT =)

Calico Crazy said...

What a great list of shows. I love Buffy and Judging Amy, and all those L&Os I could watch them forever.

Calico Contemplations

jillconyers said...

Long time fan of the L&Os.

Nicole said...

Your a nut. BTW you can have all the "potty breaks"... I'm DONE! (claiming shenanigans on it!!!)

Dr.John said...

Lets see.
I like Buffy.
I hate the Office ( never watch it)
Like Law and Order
Hate Special Victims Unit
Really Like Criminal Intent
NCIS my very favorite program
Hate food programs of any kind.
Have never seen Rebba
Didn't and don't like Friends
Loved Judging Amy
No Kids for Blues Clues
Intervention and all reality shows I can do without.

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