My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

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Mommy: Elliott Richard, I love you this much! {with my arms open wide enough to touch behind my back}
Elliott Richard: Mommy, I love you big!


smelly fart = poop
poop = smelly farts
kickers = stickers
super helper = "I'm about to get into trouble under the guise of helping another."


{I overheard this conversation between Daddy and Elliott Richard during a diaper change the other day.}
Daddy: Elliott Richard, that is a gross and super stinky poop.
Elliott Richard: I see it!
Daddy: No, you don't need to see it.
Elliott Richard: Oh come on! It be fun!

Google It!

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Okay, this week's "Google It" borders on the...shall we say...interesting side of things? ;) lol
  • can you health issues be discussed at work (Google) ~ I suppose it depends on the job, the health issue and who you are talking to. I talk about health issues at "work" all the time. Then again, I work at home. So yeah...
  • JOHN EMMETT BLOGSPOT (Google) ~ Hhhhhmmmm...there's a John Emmett and he has a blog. I must look into this.
  • "morellichaos" (Google) ~ Ah, yes. My dear friend Amanda.
  • eating cheerios butt naked on the front porch (Google) ~ Wow. I'm not sure what more to say to someone not only actually doing this but then searching for other naked cheerio eaters on the net. lol
  • greeting cards to my mommy and daddy (Google) ~ Once again, we have those. All three of those - the mommy, the daddy and the greeting cards. :)
  • trileptal side effect curly wavy hair (Google) ~ Yet another side effect of trileptal that I'd never heard of. ;)

The Return of Not Me Monday!

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This week, I definitely did not...

I did not chase Maggie Sue (my beloved puppy) through the snow and kick snow in her general direction because she chased the falling snowflakes.

I did not drop a handful of snow of Elliott Richard's head because I thought he would think it was funny. He did not then begin to scream hysterically because he thought it was anything but funny. And Daddy did not catch the whole thing on video, making me feel like a horrible mother.

I did not push myself way too hard to get things done because Gavin's 9th birthday is coming up.
I did not scream hysterically for no real reason because Rob convinced me there were mice living in our pull-out bed in the couch just before he pulled it out.

I did not declare war on the absolute rudest woman in "customer service" ever. I also did not do the "Dance of Joy" because I managed to get the CEO/rude woman's boss to call Rob, which will lead to her being reprimanded(at the very least).

I also did not make it my mission to try and get said lousy "customer service" rep fired. That would be mean and slightly irresponsible. Then after Rob talked to the CEO, I did not seriously consider calling him back in a few days to ask "Did you fire her?" Again, that would be mean.

I did not buy a wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free cake and icing mix to make the cupcakes for Gavin's 9th birthday party so that I could eat them. I have never had these mixes before and would not take that chance on Gavin's birthday just so that I can have some cake.

I am not finishing my "Not Me Monday" on Tuesday morning because I did not push myself too hard, thereby wearing myself out by 8:30pm last night.

Ah...true love...

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