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A Little Bit of Elliott Richard Randomness

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Just a silly little 3 year old boy with his shirt stuck on his head. It's a little blurry because he was giggling so hard he couldn't sit still for the picture. :)

Elliott Richard with my cousin, Olivia's puppy (she's full grown dog by now) Lilah. It was actually seeing him with Lilah that sparked the idea of "maybe we should get a dog" in me.

Daddy with his Spidey. He wore that suit for about 2.5 seconds just long enough to snap a picture before he took it off. :)

Daddy and Elliott Richard

Yes, Elliott Richard is laying on Rob's head. Although I'm *pretty sure* he wasn't asleep at the time...just being a silly kid. :)

This is Elliott Richard's first ride in one of those rides at the mall. He's always been fascinated by them but everytime we've offered a ride he's played it cool and walked off. So blurry or not I had to catch a picture of him on this case he never rides again. lol

Baby Brothers Make Good Pillows

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Elliott Richard all nuzzled up next to the back of Emmett John's head.

Elliott Richard slowly migrating...turning Emmett John into a pillow.

Emmett John's pillow status has been achieved!

Gavin's 9th Birthday

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The Birthday Boy!

Gavin all grown up and striking his "cool kid" pose.

Elliott Richard's New Room - Before & After

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Elliott Richard and Maggie in Elliott's new room in the beginning phases. You can still see the remnants of what was the "Nursery" that was set up for Elliott Richard but he never got the opportunity to use.

Elliott Richard in his new room - before.

Elliott Richard's New Room!

Our little boy is growing up so fast.

Elliott Richard v The Stickers

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Gavin's Karate Promotion 2009

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A Quick Word About All the Pictures

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I haven't posted pictures in a long time so I wanted to post a few - ok more than a few. Most of my pictures these days are taken with my 2 megapixel camera on my cellphone, which makes it easier to post pictures to the blog although I have to give up a little in picture quality. Also I can't post comments to go above or below each picture when I post them this way. So for now, enjoy the pictures until I can snag my laptop to add comments. :)

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