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8 Things

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8 things I look forward to:
1.) Nap time - mine, the boys'...I'm not picky.
2.) My new phone arrival on Wednesday.
3.) Bed time - again mine, the boys'...I'm not picky.
4.) 7:00pm - Elliott Richard's bedtime because while he falls asleep I get to sit in the quiet and do my work, uninterrupted.
5.) New "kid tricks" from Mr. Emmett John.
6.) That 30 minute window where my migraine meds work and my head doesn't hurt.
7.) Crushed ice + fountain coke = Polar Pop
Someday having my blog printed and bound to hand to the boys with their baby books.

8 things I did yesterday:
1.) Napped.
2.) Went grocery shopping.
3.) Picked up Freecycle items.

4.) Washed dishes.
5.) Washed laundry.

6.) Took care of a sick Elliott Richard.
7.) Took Gavin to the doctor.
Ran to the store for milk, which was the main reason I went grocery shopping.

8 things I wish I could do:
1.) Sleep whenever I want.
2.) Get Elliott Richard to stop picking his nose.
3.) Write a best selling novel.
4.) Meet my birth father.
5.) Not have fibromyalgia any longer.
6.) Win the lottery.
7.) Find a way to make it so Maggie could live with us forever. (One of my greatest fears at this point, is the day she dies.
8.) Own every Beatles album every made.

8 shows I watch:
1.) House
2.) Charm School
3.) Big Brother
4.) Bones
5.) Criminal Minds
6.) Law & Order (all three)
7.) Breaking Vegas
8.) Lockdown


6 words

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Three sick boys and NO sleep.


Please Pray! (Cancer Ass-Kicking Posse Unite!)

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Okay, so one my nearest and dearest Due Date Buddies from my pregnancy with Mr. Emmett John, Julie, just found out some scary news. Apparently, she has breast cancer. Luckily, it was found early. But that doesn't change how scary I'm sure it all must be. So if you pray, or whatever it is you do if you could add Julie and Bob and Cooper to your prayers (or whatever) I would appreciate it. I just adore Julie and I hate to break it to breast cancer but she's going to kick it's ass! The extra prayers and whatnot certainly couldn't hurt though, right?


Ah...true love...

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