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Eating vs Wearing...You be the Judge

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Some say that 1 year old children shouldn't have chocolate. And as a general rule, I don't give it to him because of his various food sensitivities. However, I gave it just once.

Emmett John trying desperately to shove his entire face into the pudding cup.

Perhaps if he tries from a different angle...


What is this "Summer" you speak of?

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Elliott Richard has recently figured out how to dress himself all by himself, without any help from Mom and Dad. He's not so keen on following these pesky things called weather reports and seasons though. lol

Yes, those are his "new" snow boots he's wearing. And yes, that's a long sleeve shirt he's got on.

Yes, I tried to talk him out of both. Obviously, I failed on both accounts.

And so I gave up and followed him outside to nab some super cute pictures of him marching around, all proud of himself. :)

Honestly now, what would you have done when confronted with a face that cute all proud of what he had accomplished?


Oh the Strange Places We Sleep

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Who needs a crib, bed or a pillow when you've got an Aunt Trisha?!

He was perfectly content sleeping in that position. If we tried to move him (and we did) he would fight to get right back there again. Finally, we just gave up and allowed him to lay on her leg and sleep. lol

I had a migraine and Daddy had made dinner for everyone. He thought it was simple task...

Step 1 - Plunk Emmett John into the high chair.

Step 2 - Supply Emmett John with plenty of scrambled eggs, Gerber Mixed Berry Yogurt Melts (two of his favorite foods) and a sippy.

Step 3 - Emmett John eats his dinner. (or so we thought)

Easy peasy, right. Clearly, Emmett John had other plans. lol


Ah...true love...

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