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Elliott Richard: Mommy, Dammy's here!

(His cousin Danny was at the door.)

Elliott Richard: (screaming through the door) Dammy! I ate a bug a boogers!

(He tries to open the door.)

Elliott Richard: Mommy, I need the keys. This door is locked.

(Gavin gets up to try and help him. Elliott Richard pushes him back.)

Elliott Richard: No, Gavin! Dammy is MY'S COUSIN not your's!

(I let Danny in.)

Elliott Richard: Dammy, I eat a bug and boogers!

(Danny talks to Trisha.)

Danny: Bye guys. Elliott, don't eat bugs and boogers. Please!


Tuesday Toot

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I got a referral to Pain Management from my PCP. Yay!


Blog Hoppin' ~ #1 Favorite Kid Photos

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Blog Hop - Favorite Kid Photo 7/28/2009

Description: This week's Blog Hop theme is "Favorite Kid Photos". You can have one or more of your favorite photos your kids, grandkids, someone else's kid or even YOU when you were a kid. Funny, precious, heartwarming... your favorite!

Maggie Sue is my fur baby. She loves the hose! Rob turns it on. Maggie attacks! It's hilarious.

Gavin's a crazy, arms-flailing, pants-falling, fish-out-of-water, sprinkler jumping fool! :)

Mr. Emmett John quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, sneakiest little biter around.

Elliott Richard is the talkative, schemeing, planning, thinking, double-checking, rechecking, not-at-all-sure if he really wants to jump over the sprikler...nah, maybe I'll just touch it instead.


Ah...true love...

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