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Not Me Monday

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It's bright and early Monday morning. That can only mean one thing...Not Me Monday! :)
This week...
I did not catch Mr. Emmett John by his right arm and leg before he fell off the couch because he was crawling off the couch and I was trying to get over writer's block/coma. (Nope, not me.)
I also did not ignore the very same Mr. Emmett John when he threw his dry cereal on the floor before eating it. I also did not think "as long as he's eating it some how, some way that's truly all that matters at this point". (Nope, that would be germy and slightly irresponsible of me.)
I did not both cringe and cheer as Emmett John gets better at walking because that means that he's getting older and more grown up. (Nope, not me because as the mother of 3 I know full well that babies become toddlers and eventually big kids, teenagers and adults.)
I did not eat almost an entire bag of Pepperidge Farms Milano Cookies in a single sitting while rereading Twilight.
And finally,
I did not spend an entire day searching the internet for just the refillable daytimer for my needs. Then once I found the momAgenda All-in-One Folio; I definitely do not stop the webpage every few days just to gaze at until I'm able to order it. (That would be silly, right?)
If you would like to join in the fun of Not Me Monday head on over tosee MckMama at My Charming Kids to grab the details and join the fun! :)


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