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Tuesday Toot #10 ~ License Oopsie

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Yeah, so my Tuesday Toot for this week looks a little something like this:

(Except, you know, I'm not a guy. And my hair is a little bit longer. And I wear glasses, only I didn't wear them in my picture. But you get the general idea.)

I thought I had lost my driver's license, which I had. Turns out, that not only had I lost it but it expired a month ago today! Can we say, "Oopsie!" I just didn't know that it had expired until I went on line and checked my driving record (because I'm nosey like that). Imagine my surprise when it pops up with this little tid bit:

Your Ohio driver abstract spans the previous three-year period.

License Status as of 08/18/2009: EXPIRED (Wha-wha-what?!?!?!)




So now my day has gone from needing to get my license reprinted before my 8:00am appointment with pain management tomorrow morning; to needing to get my license renewed before my appointment. Good thing I caught this too because after 6 months you have to retake the test. Have I ever mentioned how many times it took me to pass the test in the first place?! Let's just say the test and I...we don't get along so well. I'm a really good driver but I have test taking anxiety.

Yes, so that is my Tuesday Toot.

I went to the Social Security Office to get a statement that I am legal with a Social Security Number and everything. (Because yes, if you must know, I have lost my Social Security Card somewhere within my house too.) Then off to the BMV. Fun times.

Let's not even ask about the picture, okay? ;) (lol)

If you enjoyed my Tuesday Toot and would care to join in the fun, head on over to The Mommy Community and jump right in. The water is fine and we are all having a blast! :)


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