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Google it...

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I haven't done a Google it in what feels like forever. So, I figured, "Hey, I'm in a blogging mood. Emmett John is sitting on Rob and watching the penguins. The boys are upstairs playing. Why not?!" Any away we go!

7 Oct 11:06:50 PM i believe that faith has brought us here...cheerios commercial ~ I can't believe that people are still looking up this commercial. Okay, honestly I'm more surprised by the fact that people are still watching commercials. I figured everyone was recording television to skip the commercials by now.
7 Oct 05:11:37 AM i love my baby and cant live without him ~ Me too. Isn't it great? :)
3 Oct 10:09:11 PM 4 year old boy refuses to potty train attachment parenting ~ I hadn't considered this but now I'm starting to wonder...maybe this is Elliott Richard's problem.
2 Oct 02:00:22 AM things i can't live without ~ I just covered this not too long ago as my Thursday 13! Go check it out.
1 Oct 08:24:27 PM vincent d'onofrio ~ Oh how I *heart* him! And oh how y'all have devastated me by informing me of his leaving the show. I won't watch it once he's gone. I refuse. What's his face just isn't that good at "crazy". I'm sorry but he's not. Vincent fans know what I mean. And now because it's my blog and I can....
30 Sep 01:51:49 AM micropreemie autism high functioning ~ Hhhhhhmmmmmm...interesting. I don't know if there's a connection but I'd be interested in doing my own search to find out.
29 Sep 02:02:55 PM have you ever had a cheerio ~ I've seen one. Have you? Just in case you haven't check out my badge at the top right of my blog...the background is a whole bunch of them.
24 Sep 12:26:14 PM ~ I was curious so I checked this blog out. It was a temporary blog. There are no posts. And the profile is empty. Bummer.
21 Sep 06:53:04 PM masochistic torture ~ And again we find ourselves discussing Mr. Emmett John's future with our fine military. Assuming, of course, that there is a United States of America and a military to speak of once he's of age. Who knows...we may be American Socialist Nation by then. But we won't go there just now.
18 Sep 06:19:29 PM cant live with them... cant live without them... but for more than 2 weeks!!! even years!!! ~ I assume the "cant live without them" part brought you to my blog. Although I'm not entirely sure what this person was searching for. Men maybe? ;) lol
17 Sep 06:23:06 PM i remember when we were asking each other ~ What?! "I remember when we were asking each other" WHAT?!?! What were you asking each other?! Why do these people torture me like this?! I'm curious by nature and these searches...oy! It's killing me! lol
16 Sep 02:04:11 PM cheerio governor ~ There's a Cheerio Governor?! Wow. I mean we have a Cheerio Mayor here in Cheerioville but we don't have a Governor because those are for a state as a whole. But that's cool.
13 Sep 06:35:11 PM length of first cheerios commercial ~ Another interesting search. I wonder if this was for curiosity sake or for a report or project or something.


Friday Fill-In #4

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ffi we go!

1. Sweet dreams and sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite .

2. Three hugs and three kisses from three beautiful boys especially for me.

3. Silliness is our "brand of Herion" here in the Cheerio household. (Sorry, I couldn't help the Twilight referrence. lol)

4. There will be one more Ninja, Pikachu and a yet unknown stalking the night this Halloween.

5. Outstanding or not everyday that Gavin tries his best and doesn't threaten or assault someone is a huge success in my book.

6. A weekend to myself - no drama, no attention, no contact, no nothing - just me, Cleo (my cat) and Maggie Sue is what I want right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to surviving as best I can, tomorrow my plans include sleeping as much as possible and Sunday, I want to sleep some more! Although in a perfect world, I would get #6.


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