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"My heart's having a meltdown." (Also titled PLEASE PRAY!)

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We are on our way to the pediatric cardiologist with Gavin. We've recently learned that his biological paternal grandfather and his biological paternal aunt both passed away of dissecting aortic anueisms (sorry about the spelling and lack of links I'm on the road), which is genetic. Gavin's heart is already special because its flipped and I forget what's that called at the moment. So now we're on our way to pediatric cardiologist - who got us in today during a phone call Monday morning if that gives you any indication how serious this potentially could be.

Please pray.

PS The title is how Gavin describes his heart pain. I thought it was given the seriousness of the situation. I wanted to remember it.
Elizabeth Gorski


Nicole said...

Just wanted to say that for as undescriptive as Gavin can be sometimes, I think his description this time is a very accurate one, especially for him ;). You are all in my thoughts constantly!

Ah...true love...

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