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Moving on...

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Well, the time has come my friends, I'm moving my blog over to Wordpress. I will leave this blog up for another month or so before I officially shut it down. There are a few things I want to say though.

I hope that you will follow me over to Daily Mommy Survival but I understand if you don't. I just needed to move on. The plan when I began this blog was very different from what it has become. Just as what my blog is now is very different from what it morphed into after it's creation. It's just become time for me to move on and rename things. The content is the same family oriented content it's always been. Everything is really similar with a revamp and a new name at a new home. I just needed a blog that felt as if it included a little more me in the title and address since my blog truly is from my point-of-view about my daily survival in this crazy thing called life. =)

I thank each and everyone of you for being a friend and follower of Cheerio Confessions.



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