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Houston, we've got Pox.

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Elliott Richard had his MMR and chicken pox vaccines on the 7th. Apparently it's very rare for a child to develop chicken pox even though it its a live form of the virus. And in keeping with tradition, Elliott Richard is very rare and has developed chicken pox. *sigh* This is the same child who simply had to come one month early, ended up in the hospital with his first case of the stomach flu, developed some yucky blister/absess on his left middle finger literally over night...Elliott Richard doesn't do anything the easy way. *sigh* I was really hoping he would avoid the whole pox ordeal but no such luck. Now we've got to watch him to make sure he doesn't spike a high fever, like Rob did after he had the MMR vaccine as a baby, or get dehydrated with the vomitting and stuff. :( Poor little guy. Plus how do you explain to a 13 month old not to scratch?

I still seriously need a vacation. Oh and Rob and I have to meet with Nick and Pam on the 24th again. Gavin's therapist wants one more meeting before court on the 26th. She wants to know who is willing to work together and who is out only for ;)

Ah...true love...

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