My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

28 weeks/3rd Trimester - Yippee!!

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It's official! We've made it to 28 weeks! Tiny's survival rate has just gone up to 90% if birth were to take place today. Yay!!! I am also now officially in the 3rd Trimester!!! I feel as if we are in the home stretch now.

What Tiny is up to this week: You know how you’ve been feeling a bit like a barn with legs? Well, that feeling won’t subside before… well, you know, when you finally give birth. For the time being, you’ve got yourself a baby in the business of collecting fat and lots of it! In spite of the dubious joys of being a human-barn, this baby fat business is very serious and you’ve got to put up with it because it’s going to keep your little porker warm and healthy after birth. Other good stuff from inside: their eyes are doing lots of blinking this week because they’re now able to respond to light and dark. Also, their industrious little bone marrow is now a major construction site for developing red blood cells, while their super-cute adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen—which will stimulate your hormones to begin milk production. Can you say, “Moo?”

Tiny has been moving up a storm lately. Especially since I've been recovering from pneumonia. I think the change in my voice (it was super deep and wraspy) scared Tiny. When I would talk movements would stop, almost as if Tiny was confused by this new voice. lol I don't have any belly pictures for 26 or 27 weeks. I was just too sick and out of it. I kept trying to get them done but it was more effort than I had the energy for. I'm sure Tiny will understand someday. :)

Bed Rest ~ Day 51

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Today started out so nicely. Granted I had to literally drag myself out of bed because I've been so exhausted lately but other than that, a good morning.

I had my first (and last) physical therapy appointment today at 12:45pm. There is no way I will be doing that again. Even if I wanted to, I don't Rob would go for it. I thought I was going for heat and massage therapy...wrong! She did a basic exam (bend this way, stretch that way sort of thing), which I know she needed to do to get a baseline and whatnot. What I didn't expect was for it to hurt so badly. All I did was bend and touch my toes a few times, lean back a few times and a stretch 3x for 30 seconds. After I did the stretches she wanted me to get up and try this belt thing. I couldn't do it. I literally could not get off the table.

Now I have a high tolerance for pain but this was un-Godly. On that lovely scale of 1-10, my pain was way past 10. I just laid there and cried. She (the PT) wanted to get heat on it but it was a struggle for me to move. After rolling me on my side (at that point you could have ripped my arms off and I'm not sure I would have noticed), she was able to get the heat on my back. Then after a few minutes (I have no idea how long it was.), I was able to sit up. Then after sitting with the heat for a few minutes, I was finally able to get up.

That was 3 hours ago and I'm still in gobs of pain. I caved in and took a Darvocet and it's not even touching it. I have muscle relaxers but I'm hesitant to take them right now. Mainly because I've been having a lot of cramping with some contractions since the whole ordeal. I'm afraid if I take the muscle relaxer on top of the Darvocet that I'll be so out of it, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the contractions/cramping.

So no more PT for me. I'll have to find another way to cope with the pain for the rest of the pregnancy. *sigh* I have no idea what that other way to cope is, unless it's pain meds and muscle relaxers. Hopefully, Dr. D's office will call with some ideas.

51 down ~ 84 to go

Bed Rest ~ Day 50 Poking and Probing and Tests...Oh My!

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Ah...50 days down. Slowly but surely we're getting there. We'll be 28 weeks tomorrow. The "golden number"...I'm completely thrilled! I already told Rob that I want to celebrate tomorrow. :)

I had my bi-weekly appointment with Dr. D this morning. It was scheduled at 10:30 a.m. and I thought it would be an in-and-out kind of appointment. I was wrong. We didn't have to wait very long to be seen. Although it felt like ages because I had to pee so bad. (lol) The we went back and got the BP, measurements and whatnot out of the way. Chrissy, the nurse, asked if the new Nurse Practitioner, Rhonda, could come in and see me as well as Dr. D. I said that was fine. I really like her. She's very nice and friendly. I felt really comfortable talking to her, which is unusual for me. It usually takes me a while to get comfortable with medical professionals. (Trust issues and all that jazz.)

So we talked about my contractions and the bruised/sore feeling I've had the past few days. So we talked for a while and at first she was talking about how I wasn't having "true contractions". At that point Rob got a confused expression on his face and asked why they weren't "true contractions". So then we had the whole "preterm labor history" discussion blah blah blah. So she went and spoke with Dr. D and they decided to perform and NST just in case. While we were waiting for the NST machine to become available, Lori came in because she had realized that I was due for my fFN test. (Fun fun) So we did that. Dr. D checked to make sure I'm not dilating, which I'm not. (Yippee) Then it was time for the NST.

It took nearly 45 minutes to get the number of good movements we needed. Tiny has been sleeping all day (even after the graduation cake for breakfast!) and was not in the mood to play along and move. We tried poking my belly, shaking my belly and drinking lots of ice water. Nothing. In the end, we got enough movements and only a few contractions. So we were able to come home. We're just waiting on the results of the fFN test.

The Stats:
Tiny's Heartrate via Doppler: 127bpm
Tiny's Heartrate via NST: 133bpm
Weight: 178.5 lb
(Through fried chicken and a steady diet of graduation cake since Sunday, I was able to gain 3.5 of my 4 lost pounds back!)
Glucose Hell Results: 131
I PASSED! (Only just barely, 139 is apparently failing.)
Oh, and I'm thrilled to report that my appetite has finally returned! :) I have been eating us out of house and home since I woke up this morning. :) Yippee!

8 down ~ 10 to go

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Yet another 17P injection down. (Yippee!) Lisa just left a little bit a ago. It was nice to actually get to visit with her for a few minutes without having to worry about infecting her. :) All in all, it was a pretty painless visit. Seriously. The shot didn't hurt during or after, I fully expect that to change over time but for now I'm pain-free. The only hiccup was the fact that Tiny was sleeping, apparently very deeply, and unwilling to wake-up so long as we were trying. As soon as we gave up, he kicked a few times very strongly and then went back to sleep. Of course, I just ate a piece of graduation cake so it's only a matter of time before the conga line starts up. lol

BP: 100/70
Tiny's Heartrate: 120 bpm

Morning Update

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I just talked to Dr. D's office. *le sigh*

On the Bright Side
At this point I do not have to go in because I have an appointment tomorrow morning. They just told me to keep an eye on it all. Take a bath or shower. And generally rest most today.

On the Crappy End of Things
My Heparin has been increased to 10,000 units BID. That's an entire syringe thingie!!!! I asked if I had to relocate the site of the injections from my arms and she said I should be alternating between my arms and stomach (No freaking way!) or my arms and thighs. Thighs are still iffy but at least I have more fat there than my stomach at this point. Here let's use that crappy scale of 1-10 that I love so much to rate my freak-out factors...

Current shots in my arms: Freak-out factor of 5 (I hate it. It sucks. But I can turn away and close my eyes and "find my happy place".)
Current shots in my stomach: Freak-out factor of 15 (It terrifies me more than I can say.)
Current shots in my thighs: Freak-out factor of 8.5 (I was so freaked out and terrified that I almost puked. That is how bad my needle phobia is.)

On the list of Ultra-Mega-Super Crappy Things
We just learned that the new dose of Heparin (10,000 units in 1cc of fluid = 1 shot BID) that I need is persona-non-grata. Poof. Gone. None to be had. However, they do have 5,000 units in 1cc of fluid per vial, which means 2 shots to get what I should be getting in 1 shot. That means 4 shots per day!

I'm done at this point. Seriously. Stick a fork in me. I'm done. I want out. I want it to stop. I want to just be left alone with the rest of my pregnancy. No more shots. No more bed rest. No more meds. No more contractions. That's it. I can't take anymore. I've spend the morning crying and trying not to puke because of all of it. If the pharmacy calls and says that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to get around 4 shots per day, I will burst into tears. I was finally starting to get my appetite back. It's gone again. I don't even know that anything sounds good to eat at this point.

I just need a break. Why can't I catch a break? Just a tiny, little break.

Bed Rest ~ Day 49 Rambling, Disjointed Update

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Life is slowly returning to "normal". Meaning basically that I am slowly getting over my pneumonia. (But I'm still struggling a bit so please forgive the disjointed thought process of this blog. lol) Gavin is in school and will probably be returning to my mother's this evening. Rob is trying to fight off something similar to what I had. So far he appears to be winning the battle. (Prayers that he beats it quickly would be much appreciated because we really can't afford for Rob to get sick right now.) Other than that it's just life as usual here.

We are trying to find a rhythm and groove for our day-to-day lives. Obviously this is a struggle with Gavin involved to begin with. Then you throw in the bed rest, high risk pregnancy, Elliott Richard, my health, Rob's sanity and the new Spring season. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they are so beautiful. They are my least favorite seasons because they mean more housework. We are struggling to stay above water as it is and now we've got yard work to be done. Boys itching to go outside and play. A lilac bush that causes me horrible migraines right outside my window. The list just goes on and on.

Our neighbors have these beautiful landscaped yards that they keep up with meticulous efficiency. And I would love to have those yards but honestly, our lives simply do not afford us that luxury. I told Rob last night that we need to consider scaling down the flowers and whatnot that we do have to the simplest and most attractive option available and leave it at that. The easier the yard and yard work are for Rob...well, it's just one less thing he has to worry about.

In a few hours we have a company coming out to give us an estimate on 6x6ft white vinyl fencing for our yard. Gavin's MRDD SSA, Andrea, thinks she has found funding to get the fence paid for since Gavin is a runner. As soon as the door opens, he off for the car or into the street. Trying to get him to wait on the sidewalk is a complete impossibility at this point because when he grows bored he'll just take off. If one of our neighbors (the few he knows and we are friends with) happen to be outside, off he goes. Too bad she can't find funding to cover "The Leak". :(

Yesterday, was our sister Kate's college graduation. (Technically she's Rob's sister but I don't call them my sisters-in-law too often.) We didn't get to attend the graduation because of the bed rest. :( Kate said it was best that I didn't come though because apparently it was really hot! So while I'm sad and disappointed that I missed the ceremony, it's good that I didn't go. And I feel better knowing that Kate understands. After the ceremony we had a big family party for her at Mom & Dad G's. Rob and I went because I just transplanted myself onto their furniture for a few hours. :) It was so nice to get out of the house. Even if I was sitting in someone else's house. lol The food was delicious! (Fried chicken and pizza - yum!) The cake was even better! (Tiny definitely approved. lol) Overall, it was a pretty good day. (Minus the meltdowns from Gavin and whatnot - but I'm just not in the mood to focus on that at the moment.)

I think I may have overdone things though. Because I started to get this nagging "sore and bruised" feeling in my belly yesterday. Then last night I was having some pretty strong contractions with a lot of cervical pain even though they weren't consistent. Some of them woke me up clutching my belly. I have to call Dr. D in 15 minutes to find out my new Heparin dose anyway so I think I'll mention it then. I haven't had too many since I woke up but I woke up nauseous too, which is unusual. So who knows. Odds are they are going to want me to come in, which will throw Rob's whole day off. :(

49 down ~ 86 to go

Take Me Away......

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I am completely overwhelmed. I now have what Lizze and Elliott have/had (I feel like crap) and Gavin is driving me crazy.... He will not stop talking and repeating himself. He is picking on Elliott and not listening at all.
I made the mistake of getting a game for the 360 that Gavin and I could play together. The first time he was playing it he was doing fine with the game but then Elliott touched him. Gavin completely lost it and started screaming at him and swinging his elbows around in an attempt to make Elliott go away.
All Gavin will talk about is how he wants to play the game again. I told him he doesn't get to play games when he does things like that. He could have really hurt Elliott. Gavin is just not ready for video games, even the very simple ones...
I don't know what we are supposed do. Someone out there has to know what we are supposed to do.. All of our doctors and case workers keep telling us that we have already done so much more then most parents would have done so good advice is hard to come by. We need new ideas..

My huge concerns right now are:
1)Should we let Gavin and Elliott even play together (supervised of course).
2)How do we get through to Gavin???
3) How do we do any of this without feeling guilty.
4) Do we continue to fight Lizze's ex- mother and law to protect Gavin at the expense of the entire family???
5) If we don't let Gavin and Elliott play together how do we keep them separated?
6) How do we secure ourselves financially with all we have going on?????
7) How do we protect Gavin??
8) How do we protect Elliott and Tiny???
9) When do Lizze and myself get to take care of ourselves???
10) Are we trying hard enough, if not, what can we be doing better???

These are just s few of the things I worry about everyday...There probably isn't an answer to these questions....Gavin is melting down right now because he was digging in a hole in the wall with his fingers and Lizze told him to stop. Instead of stopping he just hid around the corner and did it again. She asked him a total of 4 times and finally sent him to his room... Now he is screaming and crying in his room... I am completely lost.....

I have a theory...or two...

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And this being my blog I am about to subject you to my theories. :) Don't you feel lucky?

Theory #1: Procreation and Fertilization
We need to evolve so that the second there is a fertilized egg that successfully implants, there is a warning. I don't care what this warning is. It could be a literal glow, like our whole belly just *lights up*. Or a light within our belly button. Heck, in keeping with the "pee on a stick" tradition, something could change with our urine. Whatever it is, it needs to be obvious. It needs to scream, "Hey you, lady! You're pregnant!" Perhaps if the pregnancy results in twins (or more) the light within the belly button could be...flashing. Something to say, "Oh and by the way, there's more than one."

Yes, I'm taking the "fun" out of finding out your pregnant. Yes, I'm making it impersonal. But you know what, if you've never struggled with the Hell that is known as "The 2ww" (The 2 Week Wait) then you don't know how much those two weeks hurt. And just how much all of those pee sticks cost! Besides, this is my crazy, messed up list of theories. :) lol

Theory #2: Notification of Sex

No. No. No. I do not mean a notification that you are going to have sex or have had sex. Hopefully you already picked up on those signals and they resulted in Theory #1.

I mean that the sex of the child (fetus/embryo - whatever) is determined at fertilization. Therefore it's perfectly reasonable to want to be notified as soon as possible as to the sex. (For those of you who wish to be "surprised" - sorry surprises have no room in my theories.)

Oh, I know! The light! (Or the urine, whichever option you went with. If you went with urine and you have boy/girl twins then your urine would be purple.) The light will be blue or pink depending upon the sex of the child. And if it does happen to be boy/girl twins it would flash pink and blue, alternating of course. Yes, that's perfect. The light is directly tied to the sex. (And for those of you who don't like "blue for boys and pink for girls" - again I'm sorry. These are my theories and it's just easier to have blue = boys and pink= girls. Nothing sexist about it. It's all about convenience.)
There now we have it established that not only am I pregnant, but the sex and number of fetus(es). The next problem to arise with pregnancy, is naming the child.

Theory #3: The Naming

As some of you know, naming a child can be HELL! Sure, sometimes it works out all nice and neat...You open that baby name book to exactly the right page at that exactly right, cosmic moment and the stars align, the angels sing and the name literally jumps up off the page and does a little jig for while screaming "ME! ME! ME! I'm the perfect name!"

Well, to those of you who are lucky enough to have those moments...pfth on you! :p

The rest of us spend hours upon hours, reading every baby name book ever written (no matter how obscure), searching websites, checking meanings, popularity, spellings...the list goes on and on. We find a name and it feels "sort of right" but not quite there. Kind of like your second favorite pair of jeans. The pair that are your first choice only when your favorite pair is dirty and in the wash. They fit. They feel okay. But they just aren't perfect! So we keep looking. We re-read the baby name books, the websites. We ask friends, family, the telemarketer that dared to call, and the cashier at the grocery store what names they like. We consider every name ever known to man. Literally. No name is too off-the-wall for a brief period...

Cosmo, Tallulah, Nevaeh...the list goes on and on. Just look at the celebrities! Do you think they wanted to name their children "Pilot Inspector" or "Fifi-Trixiebelle"?! No! Of course they didn't. But they couldn't decide. It came down to the wire. Their children were going to have blank birth certificates and go through life as "Baby Boy" or "Baby Girl", which honestly may have been preferable to the chosen names but that's neither here nor there. Now those poor children are saddled with horrible names! That's a lot of pressure on a parent!

There has to be a way to find out what our children are destined to be named without the hours of reading and stressing. Let's see...for the religious (or non-sci-fi inclined) we could go with a dream. A divine intervention if you will. You go to sleep (having already had your pink and/or blue light warning) and the child comes to you and tells you, "My name is..." There you go, problem solved. In the time span of a week tops, you have managed to not only discover that you are pregnant but also learn the pre-destined name for your child(ren). At this point you breathe deep sigh of relief and focus on enjoying your pregnancy. (Ah, life is good.)

But...wait...what's that? You aren't the religious type and don't really believe in "divine intervention dreams"? Okay, fine then. Let's see...we could go sci-fi? Something along the lines of "Battlestar Galactica". I mean we have colored lights in our belly buttons so why not run with that, right? So, you've had you light experience. You now know you are pregnant. You also know the number of fetus(es) and the sex(es). At that point, your body is kind enough to spit out a print out. I'll allow you to use your imagination as to where this print out comes from. (Get your mind out of the gutter! Shame on you. Honestly, this is a family blog!) I was thinking along the lines of mouth, ear, or slit from behind your ear. Whatever. with the name destined for your child.

Either way, you now have the fact that you are definitely pregnant, the sex of the child(ren), and the name(s). Life is good. Life is peaceful. And that's one less thing to stress out over for the next 9 months. Besides think of all the shopping you could get done from the get-go! (Ah, shopping, I miss you so.)

Theory #4: The Warning System

For those of us prone to high risk pregnancies and even for those prone but blissfully unaware of what's looming on the horizon, there should be an advanced warning system. I honestly don't care what it is. A letter from God in the mail would work. Another divine intervention dream. Or in keeping with the light theory, the light could change to RED. Bright, nearly blinding red that simply screams "WARNING". This light would also activate if at any point something goes "wrong" allowing the mother-to-be to know that, "Hey, we need to book it to L&D!" (I can't tell you how many times I've begged for this warning system over the past 6 months.) This warning system would also serve double duty, it would also serve as warning for the OB as well. That way there's no question. It's not the mother-to-be being over-protective or worrying too much. It means there is something off that needs to be explored.

Theory #5: Labor & Delivery

When it comes time for "the big day", again there should be warning. Some of us are lucky enough to have our water obviously break in the very beginning. Thereby forcing us to stop and say, "Uh oh, it's time." However, most of us never get that warning. So we spend hours and days and sleepless nights trying to time contractions and judge on a ridiculous scale of 1-10 what our pain is. (I hate that stupid scale.) When we should be resting. Or not worrying because it's false labor. Or hauling booty to L&D because "it's time" was actually 12 hours ago, which means you are rapidly approaching the land of no return. Other wise known as, "the land of NO EPIDURAL"! (AH! The horror! And for those of you who prefer natural childbirth, bravo for you. However, if God had intended for me to go naturally he would have seen fit to have me born before epidurals were discovered. As I was not born then - at least not that I can recall - I choose to go with the beloved epidural.)

So there needs to be a warning system here as well. Let's can't be the same as Theory #4's warning system. That would be entirely too confusing. So let's just make it completely obvious, shall we?

On the religious/non-sci-fi front, we could yet another divine intervention dream. It's a simple dream. A timer is all we need. So you close your eyes. Go to sleep. And all you dream is a rapidly counting down timer telling you that you have X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds before "it's time" becomes "Happy Birthday".

For the sci-fi inclined, rather than a dream we still get the timer. (X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds) Only it shows across our belly. No denying that warning now is there. Either way you have an idea of how long before the end, which gives you plenty of time to haul booty to L&D and get that beloved epidural (if you so choose). Or to wait it out at home before calling your midwife and having a baby.

There we have it. Pregnancy from start to finish. No muss. No fuss. No questioning. No second-guessing. Just in and out, "Pregnancy in a Can" if you will. All the convenience of fast food without the calories! ;) lol

Ah, if only life were so simple...


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It worked! I finally got my MP4 videos to upload! Yippee! :)

So here's Elliott Richard washing his feet...

Houston, We've got SNUGGLING!

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That's right! I said it!


As y'all read in Rob's post yesterday Elliott Richard nearly got an elbow to the head for simply touching Gavin and sort of trying to snuggle with him then.

So this morning while Elliott Richard was watching "Finding Nemo" (for what I'm sure is the 100th time this week) and Gavin came downstairs for a bit, I was shocked to see this! :)

It started with Elliott coming up behind Gavin and hugging him. When Gavin didn't throw and elbow and sat on the floor, Elliott went for broke and curled up in his lap! :)

I just love this picture of them together! Okay so Gavin has a pained expression on his face but work with me here. I love how Elliott is snuggling him and looking up at him.

Heck, I just love the fact that it happened at all. Pained expression or not. :)

Today may actually turn out to be a pretty good day. *crosses fingers* God willing.

It's POTTY time!

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This is the "Throne".

We just got it out the other day and are still trying to get Elliott Richard used to seeing it, sitting on it etc.

As you can see, he currently thinks it's a really neat place to hide stuff. (lol) While we know we'll have to put a stop to that, for now, while he's "getting to know the potty" we figured it was ok. (I'm sure this will come back to bite me firmly on the butt very soon. lol)

We're pretty certain it's time because he's started hiding when he poops and then he'll tell us when he's done that he pooped. If he pees, he sometimes tells us right afterward and asks for a dry diaper. He's interested in others going potty (which is perfectly normal from what Dr. H (his ped) says). And some nights he stays dry. Some nights he doesn't. But he's definitely going for long periods of time during the day dry. So I'm relatively certain that it's either time now, or it will be very soon.

Now keeping in mind that we haven't had to potty train anyone in...what...nearly 5-6 years I'm very open to any and all tips, tricks and whatnot that y'all have figured out. I honestly don't even remember how we introduced Gavin to the potty. (lol)

Elliott Richard

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Okay, I admit it. I have an obsession with Elliott Richard's curls. I just love them! And I know that when we get his hair cut they will all disappear. So I feel the overwhelming desire to snap cute pictures of them whenever the opportunity arrises. :)

Curls, waves and flips...oh my!
The bed highjacker returns to the scene of the crime...again!
He's now taken to scooting up and sitting in my pillow anytime I get up off the bed! (lol)
Elliott Richard washing his feet.
I love this one although you really can't see what's going on. He climbed up onto my bed, pointed to his feet and said "sticky". (He had spilt his juice and walked through it before we got it mopped up.) So I handed him a wipe and he went to town for a good five minutes, washing his feet. I have a really cute video of it...if I could get blogger or photobucket or someone to post it! Argh.

I admit it, I cried...

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I love my job. I love being a stay-at-home mom, which then affords me the time I need for my other job as the President of the PTA at Gavin's school. It kills me that I can't be at the school everyday doing the simple things like checking my mailbox. (I have a mailbox, how cool is that?! lol) I love working with the staff. I love talking to them. Hearing what they need help with. What sort of things the PTA can do to make their jobs easier. I love the staff at his school. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they are all angels. No one else could do what they do with the style, flair and love that they do it.

It's funny though. Maybe it's because in high school, I wasn't the most popular or the prettiest or the most outgoing (I know, who would have thought! lol) and so I don't see myself as any of those things. I never had a lot of friends. Just one best friend and few acquaintances. Maybe a boyfriend. So when I think of the staff at Gavin's school, I think of them as my friends. All of them. The principal/director, Laura, the teachers, Sensei, each and every one of them have become my friends in my heart and mind. But I just kind of figured that they humored me. (Granted, I can be a humorous girl (haha) but that's not what I meant.) I guess I always figured they talked to me, they laughed with me and then when I was gone they either forgot I was there or were like "thank God, I thought she'd never leave". These are my issues not theirs. I know that. But for better or worse, it's how I feel. I would appear that I am wrong.

I email with a few of the staff every once in a while. It's nice. To "talk" to them outside of school. To hear about their lives. To honestly get to know them as people beyond my child's educators. Well, yesterday I was reminded and shown just how wrong I truly am.

Rob went to school to pick Gavin up and help his teachers with some techno-issue. When he returned home he had a surprise for me. :)

Surprises! (Yay!)
The Goodies!
There were Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as well but they were for Rob and didn't even make it into the picture! (lol)
There was also an adorable collage of pictures on construction paper in a file folder that said "While You Were Out" on the front. I would post pictures of it (Lord knows I want to) but it has pictures of Gavin's classmates and I can't post pictures of them without permission.

This picture was made and signed by Gavin and his classmates. The flowers are tracings of their hands that they cut out and rolled to make flowers. (How stinking adorable is that?!)

Between my flowers and the collage I was crying like a baby. It was all so sweet.

I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful, caring people involved in our lives. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Bed Rest ~ Day 47 Surviving...

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Well, as you can see from my posts all morning, I'm still here. I'm still sick but not as bad. I'm very slowly progressing through the non-productive, rib breaking hacking to the productive goo-spitting hacking. And as much as I hate vomitting, I think I'd rather vomit than hack up goo. It's just odd.

What really sucks is that Rob appears to be coming down with it now. But there isn't anything we can do until it gets to that "point of no return". And it doesn't help that Elliott Richard didn't sleep much at all last night, which means Rob didn't sleep either. Although he did go back to bed for a bit, I'm not sure that's going to help much. :(

So I'm in a crazy, picture taking mood. I've taking pictures of just about anything and everything this morning. (I'm actually in the mood to make more cards but that's far more involved than picture taking. So it will have to wait.) Let's face it, there's only so much I can do while on bed rest. So I take pictures. (My poor children are left at my picture taking mercy. *evil laugh*)

I like to call this collection: Surviving Pneumonia on Bed Rest
This is the only picture of me with pneumonia. It is also, unfortunately, the only picture from Week 26. I kept trying to get belly pictures taken but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. (On a side note: When in God's name did I get double chins!?!?!?! Ack!)
The Pneumonia Meds
(That's the whole day's worth.)

This was the only way I could get fluids down for a week straight. I had no idea I could cough my throat that raw.

Lip balm
My lips have been dry this entire pregnancy, no matter how much I drink. But that was nothing compared to how dry my lips were with all that hacking, which does not feel any better when your lips are cracked and bleeding. Just for the record.

And that my friends is how I managed to come out on the other side. :)

47 down ~ 88 to go

Busy, busy, busy...

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I've been a busy girl. I decided yesterday to get some cards made that need mailing. I am now going to post pictures because I happen to like them. I will not say who is getting which'll just have to wait and be surprised. :)

Some of the colors appear off in these pictures because I used the camera on my phone. So if the colors appear muted or "sickly" I promise that's not really what they look like. They are all Thank You card except for the yellow one with tiny flowers and the cream and marroon with wedding rings. Those are for two very special people. :)

My Mommy!

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I love you, Mommy!

Bed Rest ~ Day 46

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Today has been insane since the yay-hoo called the house at 1:00am.

We woke up with hopes that we would get me to the hospital by 9:00am for my 1 hour Glucose Screen since I have to fast for a minimum of 12 hours before hand. (A very hungry woman is a very grumpy woman afterall!) We managed to get there after a few hiccups by 11:00am. Then the outpatient lab was crazy busy. I drank the stuff at 11:35am (why I had to wait to sit and chug flat pop in 30 seconds is beyond me) and then we hung out for an hour. We did some walking, which is technically a no-no but it felt good to be up and moving. Then they drew my blood for three different blood tests. Two were related to my Heparin injections. The third was the Glucose blood draw.

As it turns out (lucky me) my clotting factors still aren't where Dr. D would like to see them, which means another dosage increase for me. Rob thinks they will simply increase the dose and do it by adding a third daily injection. (double lucky me) I'm hoping that they don't increase the dose and keep it at two injections because that would likely mean moving the location of the injections from my arms to some place else. (yippee) I'm supposed to call on Monday and find out my new dose. Then I see Dr. D on Tuesday and find out that hopefully I'll learn that I've passed Glucose Hell.

Tiny is moving like mad today! (lol) We thought we had a name picked out. Then we changed it. Then we changed it again. Now we can't seem to decide on anything. Oy! Everyday this pregnancy seems more and more real to me. Tiny moves more. Developes more of a personality. This morning I got the snot kicked out of me because I had to fast for that blood work. Then there was some "River Dancing" going on after I was finally permitted to eat. :) And now I've got some "River Dance" going on again but I think it's just for fun. :) lol

God willing, I won't get woken up at 1:00am by the moron from last night. Hopefully tomorrow will be a less insane day. Although Gavin is home, so the jury is still out on that one.

46 down ~ 89 to go

For my Mommy & Daddy

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Today is my Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary. Sadly, I am a bad daughter and I don't know exactly how long they've been married. However, I still wish them all the happiness in the world and many more happy anniversaries to come. :)

It begins........

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Gavin came home today...

He wasn't home for very long before the screaming began..........
Elliott made the "mistake" of touching Gavin. That's all he did and Gavin unleashed on him.. Elliott was met with screaming and flying elbows...I had to send Gavin to his room because he was not safe to be around..Gavin then melted down for 20 minutes and was fine after that for alittle while.

It is extremely disturbing how quickly he can turn it on and off. How are we supposed to live like this. How are we going to ensure the safety of Elliott and Tiny without some type of segregation. It has become clear that Gavin and Elliott cannot be aloud to play together. How do we make a 2 year old understand that the big brother he idolizes cannot tolerate him (not that it's Gavin's fault). How is Gavin going to react when the baby gets here. We are forced to look into additional security features for our alarm system to more closely monitor Gavin. We are having to have door chimes installed on his door so we know when he sneaks out of his room at night. We are having to add additional motion sensors through out the house and smoke detectors because Gavin has been known to play with his outlets in the past. It feels like we are living in a prison...

We love Gavin and that is why this is so painful.. When it was just the three of us Lizze and I would just do whatever was necessary because it only effected us.. But now we have an obligation to ensure that Elliott gets what he needs and is safe and happy.I was recently asked about what I see for our future. The truth is I don't see a future, if that makes any sense. We CANNOT continue to live like this. Even though Gavin is doing loads better it is still a struggle to find that balance...

That's all for now. My head hurts and I'm really tired. Thanks for listening..

What the HUH?!

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It's currently 1:18am. My home phone just rang?! Here's the conversation:

Me: (half asleep and physically exhausted from hacking up goo) Hello?
Unknown Male Caller: Huh? Who are you?!
Me: WHO AM I?! You call me at 1:00am and demand to know WHO I AM?!
UMC: Uh....*click*

Someone explain it to me how he calls my home at 1:00am and wants to know who I am?! Furthermore who calls people, outside of an emergency, at 1:00am?! Fine, he obviously didn't expect me to answer the phone. But what happened to common courtesy? What happened to "Hello, is so-and-so there?" If he calls back again, so help me God...

I'm off to try and hold off the coughing and hacking long enough to fall back to sleep again. Honestly...who am I?!...*sigh*

27 weeks

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What Tiny is up to this week: Your not-so-tiny-anymore brilliant baby(about 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!) is slowly rotating in preparation to “head out.” Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but when you start to feel an unfamiliar pressure on your cervix, you’ll know you’ve got a fully flipped baby locked and loaded for the countdown to their birthday! Even now, at the beginning of the third trimester, their little lungs are already capable of breathing air while the pulmonary vascular system can provide sufficient gas exchange and the central nervous system can generally regulate rhythmic breathing as well as their basal body temperature. For what it’s worth, at this point in a healthy pregnancy a premature child (with intensive care) could easily win on the show: “Survivor: The Early Years.”

Tiny has been a busy little bee this week. I feel the kicks and elbows and flips all the time now. Tiny doesn't seem to have the hiccups nearly as often as Elliott Richard did. The kicks and punches are growing so strong now that my whole belly jiggles afterwards (not in that jolly "bowl full of jelly" way either!), which is really cool to watch. The only problem is that Tiny seems to have a way of watching me. If Tiny is moving and grooving and I uncover my belly to watch, the movement stops. As soon as I cover my belly again, away we go! (lol) In that respect, Tiny fits right in with Gavin and Elliott Richard - independant and strong-willed and already marching to the beat of a different drummer. (lol)


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I am so overwhelmed, over-loaded and exhausted. I have coughed my throat and vocal cords completely raw. I can't speak above a whisper without the sensation that my throat is being slit. (At least how I imagine that feels anyway.) I've lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks. Dr. D says I'll gain it back once I feel better but what if I don't have that much time? I have to choke down food to feed Tiny. I can't taste it and I hurts like Hell to swallow. But I suffer through it anyway. I live on ice cubes right now. Trying desperately to stay hydrated because they said Tuesday I was getting dehydrated. The more I improve, the more I cough. The more I cough, the worse my throat/vocal cords get. The worse they get the worse I feel and more overwhelmed I become. I'm so far beyond my limit that all I want to do is cry. Only I can't cry because it stirs up my nose and cough, which again just exacerbates the issues. So I sit here. Feeling completely alone and cut off from the world. Trying to hold it together. Trying to stay sane. Trying desperately to eat and drink enough. Trying not to cry. Patience in my household is a thing of the past at the moment. Everyone is irritating everyone else. I feel like I have no one to talk to. I don't dare turn to Rob. (You've read his posts, he's drowning as it is.) I can't call my mom because I can't talk. And while Elliott Richard is cute, he isn't much for the deep conversations.

I feel as if I'm holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. I'm not carrying it because carrying requires me to get up and move around. *sigh* I'm holding it all and I feel as if I'm being buried alive under neither the weight of it. I'm chasing my tail...Go on bed rest. Stay down. Help Rob. But don't get up. Watch Elliott. But don't get up. Keep an eye out for preterm labor. But don't over-react. Gain a lot of weight so Tiny has a better chance at birth. Crap, I lost weight. Gain it back. Can't swallow. Find a way anyhow. Can't talk. Figure it out. Appease your friends. No wait, do what you need to do to survive. But don't forget to call them or their feelings will be hurt. I just can't take it anymore!

If I knew that it wouldn't jeopardize my health or Tiny's I would say forget bed rest. I would do the laundry, the dishes, take care of Elliott Richard, take care of my duties at school, do the shopping and the running around. I would take care of all my jobs that have been dumped on Rob and are contributing to his drowning. Then I could say forget the Heparin shots too. And that would be one less thing for Rob to worry about. I would do all the things that I always did. If only I knew that I could get away with it. If only I knew that it wouldn't be an issue. If only I knew that Tiny and I would make it out okay.

Bed Rest ~ Day 45

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I'm here. I'm alive. Throat is swollen from coughing. Slowing coughing up the goo. Patience is running thin in our household. Will post more later.

45 down ~ 90 to go

Words from Rob

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Well I haven't done an update lately so I figured that I would do it now in between loads of laundry.

First off, let me address the story of the bug battle that occurred last night. On our way home from Dr. D's yesterday we had to stop and get some health supplies for Lizze. While there I picked on one of those automatic air fresheners because of the leaking soil stack on our house doesn't always smell good and we haven't figured out how we were going to fix it. I set up this air freshener to spray every 30 minutes. So last night while watching NCIS Lizze took a potty break. While she was gone a GIANT Centipede climbed out from behind her bed and started up the wall. I wanted to take care of this before Lizze even knew about it. So...I used my special technique (patent pending) of rolling up some tape into a ball and sticking the ball onto the insect (in this case the centipede) and the insect cannot get away because it was stuck to the tape....Normally this works and keeps my freshly painted walls free from bug guts. But on this occasion just as I was reaching up to nab this thing (it was about 3 inches long) the air freshener went of behind me. The air freshener makes a relatively loud "HISS". Well as you can all imagine I have been on edge lately so it doesn't take much. At that moment it sounded like the centipede hissed at me and it scared the crap out of me. It fell on the bed and ran behind it. It's actually pretty funny now. Anyways I caught up with it a few minutes later and it was evicted from my house.....

On to Gavin now. Most of you are aware that Gavin has been spending some time at his Grandparents as we try to hold everything together and keep him from going into another manic phase.... He seems to be doing better most of the time....When he comes home he does much better the he was. We seem to have the bi-polar under control for the time being... The autistic symptoms however are another story. He does seem to get along better with Elliott lately which is great because Elliott just wants to hang out with his big brother....Gavin normally won't tolerate him at all. This is very hard on Elliott because he doesn't understand...We are noticing that when Gavin is home Elliott won't sleep at night. He is up about every hour through out the night crying..When Gavin is not home Elliott sleeps through the night without problems. This has happened every time. We haven't figured exactly what is causing this but we do know that Gavin's behaviors are scaring Elliott and stressing him. I see Dr. R in the morning and we will discuss how to handle this. When Elliott doesn't sleep we don't sleep. So we need to figure this out.

Lizze sounds terrible but her cough is becoming more progressive which is good. Hopefully she will begin feeling better soon and things will be easier for her. Elliott seems to be feeling alittle better since the antibiotics so that is also good.
My back has gone out again. But then again it is always out so that is nothing new. But I can't remember it ever hurting this bad. Whenever this happens it take me a few weeks to adjust to the pain and get used to it. So I hope the weeks go by quickly:)

That's all for now....

PS: I also wanted to say hello to the people visiting us from EBay..Thanks for looking at our auctions......

Bed Rest ~ Day 43 Wow, a desktop...

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Do you guys have any idea how long it's been since I've actually used a desktop computer? A long time. Why am I using Rob's desktop you ask? Because he's fighting (a losing battle) with a bug. So far the score is Bug:1 Rob:0. Oh...wait...he just got it and killed it. Final score is Bug: 1 and dead Rob: 1 and alive. :)

Now that the bug is gone, I'm off to finish watching my recorded NCIS marathon. :)

43 down ~ 92 to go


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Lizze's laptop finally died today. She is sleeping now so she doesn't know yet. She will have to post from her phone for now until I figure something. I am passing this on so you guys don't worry if she is not posting as often. I may be able to still fix it but it will have to wait until later. I need to get her a new external usb dvd-rom drive. Her hard drive became corrupt and I can no longer boot into Windows.......I have to repair the master boot record but need to boot from dvd to do it..

So please don't worry she is OK.........

She can do almost anything from her phone......

Just wanted to keep you all posted.....

She is resting now so thats good...




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Dr. D said I should feel better by my appointment next week. I'm exhausted and swollen and struggling to breathe. Off to try and nap. (Please God, help me nap.)

More detailed update later.

Here we go again...

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Sitting in the waiting room at Dr. D's office.

I still feel like death warmed over. Rob says I look the part too. He says my complexion is gray. No idea what is going to happen. I had to hand Rob the phone while talking to Karen because I was having another coughing fit. He said she heard me coughing and said to come in now. So here I am.

Prayers please.


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So I've started my meds. I took my Tylenol. I still have my fever even with the Tylenol. *sigh* Apparently I'm on the Prednisone (steroids) because I have pneumonia/walking pneumonia. All told, I'll be on the Prednisone for about 3 weeks.

I've done some research into the safety of Prednisone use in pregnancy. The info I've found was split between 2 trains of thought:

1) Prednisone is a Category C drug. (Meaning it hasn't been used enough to say if it's safe or not.)


2) Prednisone is basically destroyed upon crossing the placenta and therefore the fetus gets none of the drug.

At this point, I trust Dr. D and I'm placing my faith in the latter belief. From what I've read on, Prednisone is outside of it's typical uses and used in cases such as mine (upper respiratory wise) when the cough is extreme etc. Basically, I'm really sick and the coughing is exasperbating the preterm labor and what choice do I have?

I just hope to feel better soon. I'm predicting that tonight is going to be LONG! As long as we can keep my preterm labor under control, I'll be happy to suffer.

My sleeping beauties

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Bed head! :) lol
I snapped this picture of Elliott Richard after his 3.5 hour nap yesterday. I just love the dazed expression coupled with his bed head! :)

Close-up of my sleeping beauties.
Aren't they sweet? :)
Snuggling sleeping beauties.
And just for fun, my snuggling sleeping beauties again. :)

Bed Rest ~ Day 42 What's worse than half-dead?

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Welcome to Day 42 and Week 6...

Does anyone know what's worse than "half-dead"? Whatever it is, that's where I'm at today...half-past half-dead.

I feel horrible. I've coughed my throat completely raw. To the point where it hurts too badly to swallow fluids or soup. In an effort to stay hydrated, I'm sucking on (basically allowing them to melt) ice cubes. So far it's working with the added benefit of numbing my throat for a moment or two. My chest is killing me! I don't know if it's from the coughing or what but it hurts to breathe, to cough, to sit here and do nothing. My fever is slowly creeping back up, which isn't a good thing. (I really need to lay off the ice cubes for a second so I can get an accurate temp but the relief on the throat keeps luring me back.) I'm just generally miserable.

I'm currently waiting on Dr. D's office to call me back. I called first thing this morning because the coughing is causing an increase in the number and strength of my contractions. Lori said that Dr. D wouldn't be in until 1:00 pm but she would talk to him then and call me back. She didn't want to call in anything or tell me to take anything without talking to him because of all the medications I'm currently taking. I hope they call me soon.

Elliott Richard is still sick as well. Although he is doing much better than myself. His cough isn't nearly as bad as mine but he's sleeping a lot. He woke up quite a bit last night and finally at about 4:00 am I came downstairs to sleep in "my bed" because it was becoming painful to try and suppress the coughing, which I had to do because it would have woken Elliott up for good. Right now he's napping on Rob's chest (pictures to follow) in the "man cave".

Dr. D's office just called. I don't know what I have. He is calling in a prescription for prednisone and an antibiotic that I've never heard of and can't remember. My fever is coming back and they want me to take Tylenol for that. I should have asked about sleeping but at this point I guess it's a moot point. I did some research on Prednisone and pregnancy. Some sites say it's a Category C, which means they don't know if it's safe during pregnancy. Other sites say that it is rendered basically ineffective upon crossing the placenta. I have found out that with symptoms like mine it's the last drug of choice. So basically when a case doesn't appear to be a good candidate for weaker medications, they go for the big guns. I trust Dr. D and as I said, I'm half-past half-dead so I guess if he feels it's necessary then I'll take it. Too bad he didn't feel a medically induced coma was necessary. (lol) The sleep and rest would be nice, that's for sure.

42 down ~ 93 to go
6 weeks down ~ 13 to go

Random Elliott Richard pictures and My Daffodils

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Silly Elliott Richard! :) lol
Elliott Richard and Rob were across the street visiting our neighbor after we returned from my jail break. (Details of that are here.) When they got home they had daffodils that my neighbor Michelle had cut for Elliott to give me.

Please ignore my mess on the right. :) lol
One of my daffodils.The Highjacker returned to the scene of the crime! And highjacked my bed again! (lol)

Ah the joys of pregnancy

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Here we have my view all day, every day. At least from this angle I can still see my feet.
And these motled look disasters are my feet after a trip up the stairs to the bath and then the kitchen for a snack. I'm slowly loosing the difference between my calves and my ankles when I get up anymore.
Ah the joys of pregnancy...

A Couple of My Cards

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I've mentioned a few times that I enjoy making cards. Rob always tells me that I should take pictures of them and keep a sort of catalog of what I can do/have done. I always mean to be never do. So I only have two to show you right now. I just thought I would share these two so you can see what I do. :)

This is one is just a basic "thank you" card. I've seen some cards that are really fancy and whatnot but I prefer the more simplistic approach, which is why my cards are just simple and basic. I like them at any rate. :)

And then this one I made for Rob's youngest brother's high school graduation. His parents got the picture from his high school (I think). It definitely shows Tim's personality. (You can see it a little better if you click on the picture and enlarge it. If your interested that is.)

The quality of the pictures isn't fantastic but you can get the general idea. :)

Care Packages...

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So quite a few of my postings are behind schedule because I've been doing battle with my digital camera and my laptop. As I've mentioned before, they are not currently on speaking terms. I don't know why. And despite my best efforts to get them to kiss and make up, they refuse. I may have found a solution, thanks to Nikky. I received a care package in the mail the other day...

Inside I found: a digital camera, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, a Snickers (both for Rob), Silly Putty, Gummy Bugs (both for the boys), Dove Dark chocolate (for me), batteries (for the camera), an adorable onesie and two cards.

Rob was nice enough to share one of his Reese's Peanut Butter cups with me (Yum!) and thoroughly enjoyed his candy. We haven't given the boys the Silly Putty yet because Gavin has to be watched like a hawk with it (he tends to get it permanently stuck on the oddest things). And Elliott Richard has never had it before and we haven't been able to introduce him and watch him with it since he and I have been sick. They loved their Gummy Bugs though! :)

Here's a close-up of the onesie because you can't really read it in the picture above and I felt you should be able to. (lol)

I am simply amazed by the generosity of others. I haven't had a chance to play with it much because I need to get a memory card for it. But I've played with it a little bit. (I can take a picture and see it but as soon as I take another one, it disappears.) I can't wait to use it all the time. No more camera v laptop battles for me! :)

Apples! :)

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So imagine my surprise on Thursday when the mailman brought a package to my door. Then I had to try and figure out who the mystery sender was. (I'll explain this in a bit.) After the little mystery was solved, Elliott Richard was more than willing to help me check out the contents of the package.

These are the goodies as they arrived. Cute and beautifully wrapped. This is the "Before" picture. The unwrapped gifts came that way.

Among the unwrapped gifts are: a Pooh Bear rattle and blanket teether, 2 Binkies, an Apple teether toy (one of my clues as to the mysterious sender), a blue Hawaiian onesie and a green Hawaiian onesie.

These pictures are Elliott Richard opening my gifts. He was climbing on the bed as I was trying to take the above picture. Always the curious child, he just had to see what was going on. And what fun stuff Mommy had but wasn't sharing. (lol) No sooner did I have the picture taken than he climbed up and grabbed the wrapped gifts. (lol)

Don't you just love the "Farrah Faucett" flip on the side and his "excuse me?" expression. (lol)

He was quite excited to have gifts to open though. Even if they weren't technically for him. (lol) He took great joy in ripping off a tiny piece of wrapping paper and then throwing it over his shoulder onto the floor. He didn't care where it landed so long as he got to toss it on the floor. (lol)

His face is a little blurry in this one but I love the expression. (lol) When I asked him what it was, his face lit up and he squealed, "A gook!" (a.k.a. "A book!")

And here, to the left, we have the final shot of the opened gifts. The wrapped gifts were: nesting "Caterpillar Spillers" tubby cups/toys (just above the binkies), Sweet Pea photo album (to the right of the tub toy), "Blue like Jazz" book, "Chronicles of the Cross" book.

After opening the gifts and being thrilled over the "gooks" he realized that there were toys included. (lol) He grabbed the Caterpillar Spillers and "forcefully requested" (otherwise known as "demanding") we open them. Then he sat on the floor, in the middle of the wrapping paper he so joyfully tossed on the floor and checked it out.

When I asked him to show the new toy to me, he was so engrossed in checking out the different pieces that he couldn't even be bothered with actually looking up at me! (lol)
Now I want to tell you about the mystery behind the sender. I feel like an idiot but it's actually pretty funny. At least I think it is.
Anyway, the package arrived and it had a return address on it. However, the return address only had the last name. Now it took me a few but it finally dawned on me who's last name it was. The "Apple" teether also helped, although I don't know if that was intentional or not. ;) So my address and the return address was written on an envelope about the right size for a card. I didn't think anything of it. Honestly I just figured that she didn't want to fill out one of the actual labels and went with an envelope for aesthetic reasons. Well today I was writing down everything in my written pregnancy journal (Yes, I have a written pregnancy journal and a pregnancy blog. After all, there are certain things a girl doesn't want to share with the whole world. lol) and it occurs to me that the envelope feels a little thick. So I open it and low and behold there's a card in there! (lol) So I read the card and Ta Da mystery solved. Only it took me about a week to solve it. (lol)
Thank you Apple! The boys are having a blast with the Caterpillar Spillers. I can't wait to see Tiny in the onesies. And Rob used his gift on himself, as promised. :)

Ah...true love...

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