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This is Mr. Emmett John to a T! lol

Let's wrap it up

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So we left Dr. H's office and went into the basement of the building to their Radiology department. Mom G hung out with Mr. Emmett John. We waited for maybe 5-10 minutes before the pager (like they use at popular restaurants) went off. I went back with him but then the Radiology tech kicked me out of the room. Gavin said he was okay with me leaving the room, so I went. Before I left I explained to him what was going to happen. He took one look at all the big tubes and whatnot coming from and going to the x-ray machine and asked if we were going to suck his stomach out of his body to take it's picture. (God love him.) I then explained again what would happen and tried my best to assure him that we were not going to suck his stomach out to take it's picture. I was an absolute nervous wreck while they were in there but Gavin did beautifully. He told me later that he was still a little scared about the whole stomach sucking thing but after the first x-ray (they took 2) he was okay. :)

Now we wait. As I said before, Dr. H said he will call me tomorrow and give me the results. If there is something there, we will formulate a plan of attack. If the x-ray is clean, we will just keep an eye on Gavin. If he gets worse, we will obviously call Dr. H back. So now we play the waiting game. Fun. Fun.

I just want to say that I am so incredibly proud of Gavin. Dr. H had about a half dozen newborn patients come in while we waited which threw his schedule off in a big way so we ended up waiting for like an hour in the waiting room. Gavin almost lost it a few times but for the most part he held it together. When we saw Dr. H he answered his questions to the best of his ability and he held it together. The x-rays went far better than I had even dared to hope for. It felt as if I had a hybrid of Gavin-before-Autism and Gavin-with-Autism. His answers and many behaviors were very Autistic. But the manner in which he handled the day was very unlike Gavin with Autism. It was nice and I am so proud of him.

Does this xray make me look fat?

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Dr. H came in with a med student. We talked. He cracked jokes about how my kids are on "very short list" of super difficult cases. (lol) He said hi to Mr. Emmett John. Then he checked out Gavin. Dr. H said his tummy felt fine. He sent us downstairs for the x-ray. If the x-ray doesn't show anything, then we'll keep an eye on him and report back if there's any change (ie. Vomitting, stomach ache, potty issues etc). If the x-ray does show something, well then the ride will get a whole lot bumpier and grumpier. Dr. H said we would form a plan of attack then if need be. So x-ray today. Phone call from Dr. H with the results tomorrow.

Hopefully Gavin does okay in the x-ray. I'll be sure to let y'all know.

Hanging in the Office

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We sat in the waiting room for about 45 mins. Now we're in the exam room. Today seems to be the day for newborns...teenie, tiny, sleepy newborns. I can hear them all screaming. Emmett John is content for now. Mom G is with me to help with Emmett John. Thank God for her. And the wait continues...I'll update when I have something new to report.

Ah...true love...

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