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All I want for Christmas...

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is to be accepted for me.

I have two children. Whom I parent to the best of my ability. Love to death. Would move heaven and Earth for.

I have two sisters. One of which who refuses to acknowledge I exsist. The other who loves me and at the moment seems to be the only person who truly understands me. (Thank God for her!)

My therapist says I'm "in my infinite loop of crap". Fine whatever. I live in my infinite loop of crap. It's warm. It's comfortable. I've been here a long time. I was born and raised here. Why not spend my free time here as well?

All I want to know is how would anyone else feel. Five years ago my grandmother died and I lost a major piece of my life, of my identity. Twenty-six (almost twenty-seven) years ago my birth mother gave me up and wrote me off as gone forever (oops) - therefore no longer her problem. I have no idea if my birth father even knows I exsist.

Hi my name is Lizze. Welcome to my pity party...

Ah...true love...

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