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Goofing off with a Terrorist

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A good Terrorist is cute and unassuming. This one is all cleaned up and ready for bed.

Terrorists are leary of letting go and having fun, especially when there will be proof of it later. Like pictures for example.

Slow to trust at first, the spirit of the 3 year old finally won out over the Terrorist. :)

Just Elliott Richard and I goofing off a bit...letting off a bit of steam before bed. Sometimes it's great having a tiny 3 year old Terrorist in the house. Of course, there are still plenty of moments when I'd like to ship him off - like just now when his playing with the "tiny ball" (trackball on my blackberry Ruby - yes, I named her but she's a post all by herself) while I was typing this post which placed an entire sentence worth of letters scattered about the rest of the post. *sigh* Ah well, the fun definitely out weighes the other stuff. (lol)

Gotta run! My Terrorist is frantically waving "The Cat in the Hat" with an angry pout on his face. This could get ugly...

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Ah...true love...

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