My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

I'd just like to say...

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That Junior's cheesecake is AMAZING!!

I did in fact have it for dinner and I'm thinking of having another small piece for a snack.

Yum. Yum. Yummy!

Kick those prayers into hyper drive!!!!

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Nate just posted! It's a go! There's still a slim chance that they may get as far as the operating table and find it's a no-go. But let's think positive thoughts!

Bed Rest ~ Day 23

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Okay, so I woke up this morning exhausted! Partly because Elliott Richard isn't sleeping well. And partly because it was next to impossible for me to get comfortable because of both hips being sore. Every time I would move, I was "rewarded" with a sharp, stabbing pain. *sigh*

So I drug myself out of bed. Came downstairs with Elliott Richard and got him breakfast. Then I just sort of zoned for a while. Rob woke up. And he gave me my morning Heparin injection. (Fun. Fun.) We all hung out for a little while before we got ready to take Elliott to Grandma G's. She was kind enough to watch him while Rob took me for my second Celestone injection. We dropped Elliott off and hung out for a bit.

Then we made our way to Dr. D's office at about 10:30am. I received my injection. And while the injection itself didn't hurt nearly as bad as yesterday' hurt worse afterwards because it was the same side as my 17P injection this week. My poor butt is a mess of band aids at this point. lol The nurse felt so bad when she saw them all. (I left them on so that she would know where my other two injections had gone. That way we could avoid any double pokes.)

We left Dr. D's office. I cried some more. (It hurt!) And Rob surprised me with Taco Bell for lunch because he said I had earned it. Then we hung out at Mom G's for a little while before packing up Elliott and heading home.

Now imagine my surprise and confusion when I return home to find an orange and white box (not this box but similar) on my front porch. Granted, I'm expecting a few packages from things I've ordered with an gift certificate I earned in a beta test. But I didn't order anything that would come in a box like that!

Now imagine my shock and elation when I read the box and saw it was from none other than Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake!!!!! Yeah baby!

Now allow me to insert some back story here...I love the Food Network. One of my favorite shows is "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". (I *heart* Bobby Flay! Even more since I found out he's married to one of my favorite actresses from Law & Order: SVU!) For those of you who don't know, Throwdown is where Bobby takes on a "master" in making their signature dish. In this episode, it was Bobby vs. the owner of Junior's. (Apparently, Junior's is known for having the best cheesecake in NYC.) So I innocently (I swear, I meant nothing by it!) sent a text message to my best friend, Laura, who happens to work in NYC. (I do this every time there's a Throwdown with an NYC based food because I want to know if she's had it and if it's really *that* good.) She said that it was in fact that good. I told Rob that some day I want to visit NYC to see Laura and try all these foods I see on Food Network. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this!

In the box, I found a CHEESECAKE!!! :) It's a Junior's cheesecake!!! It has chocolate ganache, original NY cheesecake, raspberry swirl, and cherry crumb.

I was so touched and excited, I admit it, I cried. :) Hey, I'm pregnant. It's Junior's Cheesecake. I think I was entitled to cry. :)

It is in my fridge as I type this. I've already had people willing to take it off my hands. They claim Tiny and I don't need the calories! Hrmph! lol

My problem at this point, where do I start? The owner of Junior's said his favorite of all their flavors (of which they have many) is the original. And I must admit that "plain" cheesecake is usually my favorite as well. However, they are all calling out to me.

In fact, I think I may have cheesecake for dinner. :)

23 down ~ 112 to go

Tiny's 24 week ultrasound pictures!

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These are the ultrasound pictures from my ultrasound yesterday. (Which means I'm almost caught up with posting pictures! :) Woo hoo!)

In this picture, we have Tiny doing what Tiny does best...sleeping and thumb sucking! :)

Although you can see more of Tiny's profile and little fist in the mouth! (Very cool.) The white line running down Tiny's profile are the bones in the face. You can also see the little hand and arm bent at the elbow. Even in utero this kid is CUTE! :)

In this picture, we have Tiny's tiny little face. It doesn't look quite like the alien look Tiny was sporting a few ultrasounds ago. :)

The oval under the word "face" is Tiny's right eye. The gray part just above that oval is Tiny's forehead. The black spot below and to the right of Tiny's left eye. The short white line in the middle are the bones in Tiny's nose. There's a small grayish-black line just under the nose, that's Tiny's slightly open mouth. I think the two circles under the chin are Tiny's elbows because during the ultrasound Tiny had the left hand and arm tucked under the head. And the right hand and arm were tucked similarly on the opposite side of the face. (Think the famous "Home Alone" scream, without the open screaming mouth. ;) lol)

And last but not least, Tiny's last 24 week ultrasound picture!

In this one Tiny is just sort of hanging out. I believe this was taken either just before or just after I was kicked really hard for allowing the "evil Barb" to poke at us again. ;) lol

On the left side of the picture, see that circle with the dot in the middle? That's Tiny's knee, like I said I was either getting kicked or had just been kicked. lol The odd shape to the right of the word "body" is Tiny's hand/arm, I'm not sure from which side. And then you have quite possibly the most beautiful profile shot I've ever seen in a 2D ultrasound. The white line just under the word "face" are the bones in Tiny's forehead. Then moving to the left, you've got Tiny's nose. (So cute.) Then Tiny's top lip. And Tiny's bottom lip. Go on, tell me my child isn't adorable! :)

Barb also put Tiny's estimated weight on this picture. Based on all the measurements, Tiny appears to be about 1 lb 7 oz, which is in the 55% for the gestational age. :)

23 weeks Belly Pictures

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And here we are in week 23. More belly rubbin's going on in this picture. Tiny just seems to be all out front. At least to me that's how it seems.

How observant are you? Did you notice the hospital band still on my left wrist? That would be because we took these pictures just after we returned home from the hospital on Saturday, March 29th. ;)

And here we are from the side.

Sorry about the cheesey grin but it's gets difficult smiling for all these belly pictures. :) lol Plus Rob inevitablly does something to make me laugh, which then makes it just that much harder for me to smile a normal smile.

You can't really see the hospital band in this shot but know that it's there. lol

On a side note, my hair is getting really long! As seems to be my way, I had my Auntie Sharon perm my hair a few months before I found out I was pregnant with Tiny. (The same thing happened with Elliott Richard.) My wonderful, talented Auntie does all of my hair cuts and I was hoping to snag her on one of her precious days off over the weekend. Then I ended up on bed rest and now I can't go over there. :(

Looks like I'm doomed to have split ends and hair in desperate need of a trim for the rest of my pregnancy. *sigh* ;)

22 week Belly Pictures

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Well, here we are. Only a few weeks late. :) lol

I had to post at least one black and white, since we all know how much Rob loves the black and white photos. :)

These pictures were taken on Easter Sunday. I figured I might as well take advantage of the fact that I was all dressed up. Since most days I just hang out in my comfy clothes and they aren't very fashionable. ;)
And here we are from the front. Okay, so I have a funny look on my face but I seemed to have a funny look on my face in all of them. Oh well, c'est la vie. ;)
I was sort of trying for the heart over my belly button with my hands. But at this point it was becoming more of a belly rub.
I love that shirt. One of these days (when I haven't been poked and stabbed) I'll have a maternity fashion show and show off all of my cute maternity clothes that most will never get to see me wear. :) I'll even have Rob take pictures and video clips so you can get the full, cabin-fever, bed rest bound effect. ;) lol

Tiny's 20 week ultrasound pictures!

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Tiny's big 20 week debut!

Technically this ultrasound was performed at 19 weeks 6 days. But we'll just round it up to 20 weeks. :)

In this picture, Tiny is doing some thumb sucking. Trying to get comfortable while Barb was pushing on my belly with the ultrasound wand. Tiny hates that. lol

On the right of the screen there's the faint outline of a long oval - that's Tiny's leg. The long thin gray oval like shape at the top is Tiny's arm. The hand is the bend oval on the left end of the longer oval. There's a white line towards the bottom, that's Tiny's spine. The black circle above the spine is a kidney or maybe the bladder. It's black because it full of amniotic fluid Tiny has swallowed. If you look you can see where Tiny's profile would be on the big gray circle on the left end. And on top of his profile is a finger. Thumb sucking is hard to do in the dark. ;)

This one is Tiny stretching. I'm not sure if the stretch was just a stretch. Or more of a "get a life and go bug someone else" kind of stretch. lol Probably more of a "get a life" kind of stretch.

That bumpy looking dotted line is Tiny's spine. The little black dots above that are various organs. The little circle on top of the oddly shaped circle on the left of the picture is Tiny's hand. Can you see the thin black line just above where Barb typed "head"? That is the back of Tiny's throat. The black oval to the left of the word "head" is where Tiny's brain is. (Yes, it's there. We've seen it. We just don't happen to have any pictures of it.)

And now, after some stretching and kicking to try and get the "evil Barb" to leave me alone, Tiny has given up. Back to the thumb sucking and a nap. In this picture you can see Tiny's profile. See the top lip just above Tiny's thumb? You can even see a few of Tiny's fingers because the hand is open rather than a fist above the face. Then the line going off the hand to the right is Tiny's arm and elbow.
And just so you know, the gray that is above and below Tiny is my uterus (below) and the placenta (above). And the black surounding Tiny is the amniotic fluid.

I *heart* surprises! Part 2

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I *heart* surprises! The other day I was sitting on my couch. Minding my own business. Just another day of bed rest, until the mailman came. :) He had a surprise for me. (I think Rob is getting jealous.) It was a box of goodies from my due date buddy Beth! I had no idea she had done this. She's so sweet.

Inside I found: 2 coloring books (1 pirates, 1 dinosaurs), 2 packs of 8 count crayons, 5-6 Jolly Rancher suckers, a box of Dove Dark Chocolates (Yum!), Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul, Nadia's Song, a romance novel and a card.

The card is already tucked away for Tiny's hat box. As you can see in the picture, Elliott Richard is trying to make off with my dark chocolates. lol (Chocolate is mine, Elliott Richard and Tiny's favorite!) And although I'm not sure Beth realized it at the time, the coloring books were the perfect choices because Gavin is huge into pirates and Elliott Richard is huge into dinosaurs! They were thrilled! :) Although Elliott has already managed to scatter the crayons throughout the house. He stashes them away and then retrieves them when he wants them. lol
This is Elliott Richard with a sucker from the care package and one of the packs of crayons, before they disappeared. :) lol

Cupcakes, yum! Take 2

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Remember my "cupcakes, yum" post? Well, I posted that from my phone while my laptop was being finicky so I wasn't able to post pictures. Now, I can. :) Aren't you thrilled? lol Here they are. The delicious cupcakes Gavin helped pickout. Yum yum yummy. What can I say, it's the little things right now. :)
And for the record, the two missing cupcakes were not mine. Elliott Richard ate one. Gavin ate the other. In fact, Elliott Richard was so excited that he started to eat it paper and all before I could get the paper off! lol

The New and Improved Bed Rest Haven

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Recently Rob made the decision to bring the bottom bunk of Gavin's bunk beds downstairs for me to lay on. The couch was comfortable but not nearly supportive enough. This is my new bed rest haven. I've got my bed, maternity pillow, the red bean bag chair helps to support me when I'm sitting up rather than lying down. I have the TV tray table between the bed and couch to hold my laptop and sippy. The Tupperware box on the floor holds all of my snacks and whatnot. It's actually a pretty nice little setup. I haven't been able to sleep on it yet because it just feels odd. It definitely allows me more room, which comes in handy when Elliott Richard is wanting to cuddle or snuggle. Not to mention Cleo, my cat, feeling the need to be on top of me again now that she has room.
This is my new view from the front window. It's nice because I can see who is here when they knock, rather than having to get up and/or move around to check. Of course, I can't see the squirrels anymore, which kind of stinks. But I guess I can't have everything. On the bright side though, I can now see out the side window as well. Before it was blocked by the television but we had to move the television into the corner to make room for the bed. Unfortunately, the view from the side window really isn't anything to write home about. I can see the neighborhood "kids" walking up and down our alley. I can also see the side of my neighbor's barn if I sit up. But all in all, it really isn't much of a view. See? There's the big, red barn. The TV tower in the front of the picture has been here forever. It's rusted through in parts but it's so tall that it won't be easy to bring down. When it's windy, we can hear it banging up against the side of the house. That sound used to scare me when we first moved in. Now I don't really notice it unless I'm trying to get Elliott Richard to sleep. Even he sleeps through it now.

Prayers are needed!!!

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Not for me this time.

Nathan has posted to his blog that Tricia may be undergoing her double lung transplant today!!!! The transplant team have a set of lungs in TX that may be a match. Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray that this isn't a "dry run" (aka false alarm). Pray that Tricia comes through the surgery with flying colors. Pray for the donor. Pray for the donor's family during this difficult time. Pray! Pray! Pray! Today is also Nathan's birthday - what a gift! :)

I just IMed Julie. She is at an impromptu OB visit. I don't know what is going on but please pray for her and Baby O. Pray that everything is as it should be. Pray that Julie and Baby O are okay. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Borrowing an idea from Julie

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I love Julie. She is truly helping to keep me sane. I can't explain the weight that is lifted because not only do we share the same due date; we are also both on bed rest. It just makes things so much easier. I can't really explain it.

I was checking out her blog, something I do everyday. And at the bottom of her page she has the running stats on Baby O's pregnancy. I've decided to borrow this wonderful idea. Please see the bottom of the blog if you ever need a reminder of where we stand at any given point. :)

A message for my Grammie/Auntie Sharon

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Mom is having troubles posting comments too. I'm not sure why except that Blogger says it's a crazy, random bug they are experiencing. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon. I got your last two comments. :) All I can say is keep trying! :)

Love you guys!

My 3 Things

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I got this off of Shannon's blog. And much like her, I'm posting a disclaimer first. :)

These are things that I would change only if I knew that they would not greatly effect the course of my life after that point. If it is an all or nothing change, meaning I make the changes and my life is completely different, than I pass and I'll leave things as they are. If, however, I can change these things and simply have them erased...then where do I sign. Without further ado, here are...

My 3 Things

1) My first "marriage" ~ I would simply follow my instincts, rather than ignore them, and not say "I do". Had I done this then, there's a very real chance I would not be $25-50,000 in debt for legal fees incurred during my divorce and custody battle.

2) I would take the job offer made to me in November 1999. I was working at Blockbuster Video. My assistant manager offered me a position as an Assistant Manager in her new store in Alliance. She also offered to allow me to stay rent free with her and her husband (as long as I was working and in school) so that I could attend Mount Union College (one of my top 3 college choices out of high school that I couldn't afford tuition and room & board for) without commuting or having to try and pay room & board. There's no telling how different my life would be had I taken this offer.

3) I would have taken more time to enjoy the little things in life. I also would have taken more time to journal my experiences in life. I'm told that I'm somewhat of a "statistical anomaly" and I think it would come in handy for my kids to know about that part of my life when they are old enough. I also would have taken more time to journal during Gavin's pregnancy and infancy. Things were so crazy and chaotic that I didn't do these things as much as I would have liked. Now I wish I had.

Bed Rest ~ Day 23 WE MADE IT!!!

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We are officially 24 weeks!!!!!

We did it! We did it! We did it!

Since I can't dance from bed, here's a clip from "Perfect Strangers" of Balki and Larry doing the dance of joy for me! :)

23 down ~ 112 to go

Ah...true love...

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