My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

Elliott Richard the Photographer

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"Hhhhhmmmm...what's this button for?"
"Self Portrait"
"My Mommy"
"Line up your shot"
"Elliott Richard v Pizza & Bread Sticks"
The picture of me and the "self portrait" were both taken by Elliott Richard. :)

Picture Party!

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"Tuckered Out"
Close up of a very tuckered out little Twitter Bug.

"Working Hard or Hardly Working?"
Outside "helping" Daddy in the yard.
The beginning of his photography craze.

"Tuckered Out"
Sleepy 2 yr old + 1 bowl of ice cream + 1 episode of "WonderPets" = A late afternoon nap

This pictures just screams "Yeah, I'm cute. What's your point?" to me. :)

Bed Rest ~ Day 61 Just Keep Swimming...

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I've been buried in card making supplies since yesterday afternoon. I'm finding it very therapeutic and distracting. The only problems I'm having is that I like my cards simple but I feel like they are too simple. Nevermind the fact that I'm running out of supplies already! lol I've added two new sets and I've got 4 sets of gift tags to list as soon as I have ribbon/sting to complete them with.

Elliott Richard has discovered a few new loves lately. He's really into "fisses" (fish). Most days he'll watch "Finding Nemo" over and over and over again. For Easter Grandma W gave him a set of 4 different books with the "Finding Nemo" theme. He's been asking us to read them to him and then gets all excited when he sees the "fisses". It's really cute. :) Then while Rob was taking pictures of my cards yesterday, Elliott Richard discovered the camera that Nikky had sent me. He's hooked! I'm going to post a few of his pictures in a bit. It's so cute to watch him taking pictures with the camera on the tripod. He moves it up and down and spins it to see different parts of the room. He's very careful about what he takes pictures of too. :) The only problem is that now he tries to sneak the camera off the dinning room table so he can take more pictures. lol

Tiny has been an active little squirt lately. I tried to catch it on video yesterday but of course, being my child he stopped the second I had the video rolling. I stopped recording and away we went! Between Elliott Richard and Tiny, we are in for some serious trouble. lol

61 down ~ 74 to go

Ah...true love...

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