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Names, Names, Names......

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As my amazing wife posted earlier, we are at a loss trying to come up with a name. Lizze and I are overwhelmed. We are physically and emotionally exhausted from the past 7 years. So I am reaching out to you guys for some help...

We need ideas for a first and middle name. We are having a tough time putting thoughts together let alone come up with something this important.

So please post a comment to this blog with a name idea or ideas....

Thanks in advance for your time. Hopefully this should prove to be fun..



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I just wanted to take a minute and welcome those of you that are new here. Lizze and I were so excited to here from you guys today... Your kind words, thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

We love to hear from all of you. Again, welcome. We hope to hear from you again.....

There is no way we could ever repay all the kindness you amazing people have shown us since we made this blog public. Please know we keep each and everyone of you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank You...

Bed Rest ~ Day 98

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Honestly, I don't know if today is day 98. I've lost track. Not that it matters much. The whole point is that I've been on strict bed rest now for over 3 months! And bed rest in general for just over 4 months. Insanity.

Tomorrow is my second to last appointment with Lisa. It's bitter sweet because while I will definitely miss her. I will not miss the injections. (lol)

I just can't believe that we are winding down to the end. It seems like just the other day I was "late" and shocked to find myself carrying another little miracle. (Never tell me I can't do something because that's a sure-fire way to guarantee it. lol)

Now of course Tiny is massive. His butt in planted in my ribs and causing pain pretty darn close to what I had with the DVT while pregnant with Elliott Richard. I would double over with the pain, except that bending at the "waist" (my waist disappeared a long time ago lol) makes the pain worse. So I just try and stretch out as much as possible to minimize the pain. It's actually making living and functioning quite unbearable at the moment.

We still don't have a name for Tiny. I've resigned myself to one of a few things taking place:

1) I will simply put "Tiny" on his birth certificate and be done with it. (Not likely but looking more appealling everyday.)
2) I will just let Rob fill out the paperwork and wash my hands of the whole thing. (Again, not likely but looking more appealling everyday.)
3) I will just open a baby name book and name him the first thing I place my finger on. (Girl or boy, I don't care at this point.)

Rob has been trying to discuss names lately and I honestly want nothing at all to do with it. The idea of discussing names physically turns my stomach. Gavin is convinced Tiny's name is Alex and when I explain that we don't know what his name is I get screamed at. *sigh* I honestly hate all names at this point. Rob asked me for my top picks the other day. I don't have any. I hate them all. None of them feels right. None of them sounds right. I'm just over-loaded on stupid baby names. I mean honestly, do I look like a chick that needs more pressure right now?! *pfth* Whatever. Forget it.

I was going to write more but the pain in my belly is getting worse. I keep expecting to look where it hurts and see a bruise there. I'm always surprised when it isn't there. I have cards to get done. A mess to clean up from making the cards that need finished. And I have to try and maintain some sanity through this pain. (Not likely.)

98 down ~ 37 to go

Weekend Recap

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Wow. I can't believe the weekend flew by so quickly. Not that weekends hold any "special" meaning apart from the rest of the week at this point. But anywho...

Let's see if I can remember what went on this weekend.

Friday - Gavin spent the night with Grandma W. Rob, Elliott Richard and I stayed in and hung out. Same song; different day.

Saturday - Rob, Elliott Richard and I hung out. I worked on cards. Rob fiddled with the desktop and straightened up around the house. Elliott Richard spent most of the day with Aunt Kate and Grandma G doing some running around and shopping. After Grandma W brought Gavin home the three of us packed up and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa G's to celebrate Father's Day. Everyone was there. And I was thrilled to learn that even though we were "fashionably late" we hadn't missed out on the cookout! (Yippee!) And I ate *way* too much food. (lol)

Grandpa G got a set of ceramic coasters that look like big golf balls. (Very cute.) He also got an Indian's jersey and tickets for him and Mom G to an Indian's game. Mom G got an Indian's t-shirt too! (Very cool!) They are both really excited to go.

Then Rob opened his card from everyone and found a gift certificate for Best Buy inside! :) (Thanks guys!) We left not long after the opening of gifts/cards and of course made a beeline for Best Buy. (lol) Rob picked out a game for the PC while the boys and I waited in the car. Which was *loads* of fun. (That's sarcasm, by the way.)

First, Elliott Richard was moving around in his carseat. He wasn't touching Gavin or even attempting to touch him. Yet Gavin decided he didn't like the fact that Elliott was moving in his general area so he began to scream at Elliott and then scream at me to "make him stop". I told Gavin I can't yell at Elliott for *moving*. Which of course set Gavin off further. *sigh* Then Elliott wanted Gavin's attention for something so he said his name. Which set Gavin off, again! That time Gavin began screaming at me, "Mom! Mom! He's saying my name! Tell him to stop! I don't want him saying my name!" Again I told Gavin that Elliott is free to say whatever he likes (barring cuss words etc) and I would not yell at Elliott for saying Gavin's name. Which set him off, again! At that point I just told Gavin to ignore Elliott because I refuse to yell at Elliott for taking up space or taking and there was nothing else that could be done.

I am honestly at a loss for what to do anymore. While Gavin has every right to feel the way he does. And while I understand that a large part of it is due to his "something more". I will *not* reprimand Elliott Richard for merely existing, taking up space, or talking etc. That's not to say that I won't reprimand Elliott if he actually misbehaving (ie right up in Gavin's face, screaming at him etc) because I will. The same will hold true for Tiny. I don't mean to sound cold or heartless but I will not constantly relocate Tiny and myself because Gavin is upset by his crying. I also will not reprimand Elliott Richard for being a little boy because it doesn't jive with Gavin's view of the world. I know he can't help it. I just don't know how we live wth him/along side him. With two small boys under the age of 3 and Gavin that's something that needs to be figured out. *sigh*

Sunday - Father's Day was pretty quiet around here. Grandma and Grandpa G took the boys to see Great Grandpa B and celebrate Father's Day with Grandma G's side of the family. They had a blast! And Rob and I were given one last little break before the sleep deprivation begins. :)

Overall, it was a pretty low-key weekend, which was nice. At least there wasn't anything too out of the ordinary or stressful going on.

Now I need to find a way to make something smoothered in cheese for dinner....yum....gooey cheese...

Ah...true love...

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