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Bed Rest ~ Day 98

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Honestly, I don't know if today is day 98. I've lost track. Not that it matters much. The whole point is that I've been on strict bed rest now for over 3 months! And bed rest in general for just over 4 months. Insanity.

Tomorrow is my second to last appointment with Lisa. It's bitter sweet because while I will definitely miss her. I will not miss the injections. (lol)

I just can't believe that we are winding down to the end. It seems like just the other day I was "late" and shocked to find myself carrying another little miracle. (Never tell me I can't do something because that's a sure-fire way to guarantee it. lol)

Now of course Tiny is massive. His butt in planted in my ribs and causing pain pretty darn close to what I had with the DVT while pregnant with Elliott Richard. I would double over with the pain, except that bending at the "waist" (my waist disappeared a long time ago lol) makes the pain worse. So I just try and stretch out as much as possible to minimize the pain. It's actually making living and functioning quite unbearable at the moment.

We still don't have a name for Tiny. I've resigned myself to one of a few things taking place:

1) I will simply put "Tiny" on his birth certificate and be done with it. (Not likely but looking more appealling everyday.)
2) I will just let Rob fill out the paperwork and wash my hands of the whole thing. (Again, not likely but looking more appealling everyday.)
3) I will just open a baby name book and name him the first thing I place my finger on. (Girl or boy, I don't care at this point.)

Rob has been trying to discuss names lately and I honestly want nothing at all to do with it. The idea of discussing names physically turns my stomach. Gavin is convinced Tiny's name is Alex and when I explain that we don't know what his name is I get screamed at. *sigh* I honestly hate all names at this point. Rob asked me for my top picks the other day. I don't have any. I hate them all. None of them feels right. None of them sounds right. I'm just over-loaded on stupid baby names. I mean honestly, do I look like a chick that needs more pressure right now?! *pfth* Whatever. Forget it.

I was going to write more but the pain in my belly is getting worse. I keep expecting to look where it hurts and see a bruise there. I'm always surprised when it isn't there. I have cards to get done. A mess to clean up from making the cards that need finished. And I have to try and maintain some sanity through this pain. (Not likely.)

98 down ~ 37 to go


Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Tori and I've been reading your blog for the three months that I have been on bedrest. It's been nice to "share" the experience. I kept thikning I would wait to say hi until I could point you to a blog of my own, but I dont seem to be able to get nyself going on that. I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.

Ah...true love...

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