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Bed Rest ~ Day 35

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Today is the beginning of Week 5. Oy!

I've got a horrible migraine. I've already taken my meds but they aren't helping. *sigh* It feels like there are tiny, little men with jackhammers in my head. I wish I could convince them to go work some place else.

The Claims Adjuster is coming tomorrow at 1:00pm check out "The Leak". She's probably going to tell us that they won't cover it but I figured it couldn't hurt to have it checked out just in case. Our insurance agent called and said that if we receive even $1 towards this claim our premium will go up by about $100+ a year and we will have to increase our deductible. :( Odds are they won't cover any of it anyway so it doesn't matter. But I would rather know for sure that they won't cover any of it, rather than guess and assume.

I also have my weekly standing appointment with Lisa tomorrow morning. Then I have my weekly appointment with Dr. D at 9:30am.

Gavin was home for the weekend and things went really well. Of course it helped that we had satellite installed in his bed room. (lol) We set it up so that he could only cycle through the various Nickelodeon and Disney channels. He was loving it. :)

I was going to write more but I think I'm going to lay down and try and get rid of my migraine.

35 down ~ 100 to go
5 weeks down ~ 14 to go

24 week Belly Pictures

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Okay so I'm almost 26 weeks, which makes these pictures a little late. But I've been fighting with my camera and my laptop (apparently they still aren't on speaking terms - I don't know why) so now is when they are getting posted. :) lol

You can't really see my belly in this picture but I just love it!

A more recent belly bump with Elliott Richard. He just loves my belly! When he saw us taking belly pictures, he had to get involved.

I love how we are looking at each other while holding Tiny within my belly.

And here's the actual belly picture for the 24th week. :)

I'm not sure it does justice to the size of my belly. Of course, it feels much larger to me than it seems to appear to everyone else.

A Set of Bruises to Call My Own

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That's right, folks! For the low, low price of twice daily Heparin injections you too can have your very own set of Bruises!
Sadly enough, these are nothing compared to some of the bruises I was sporting during this period of Elliott Richard's pregnancy. I had one bruise from a nursing student that was easily the size of my closed fist! It was horrible! lol

MFoP 24 weeks

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Many Faces of Pregnancy at 24 weeks! :) lol


"Hello, Chipotle? Yes, I'd like to place an order. Yes, I need one of everything. And a large order of your nacho chips."

"Yes, I'm sure about that order. No, I'm not having a party. No, I'm not feeding a herd of elephants. I'm pregnant and on bed rest. The only food this child wants is YOUR Mexican. Are you complaining!?"
"It's going to be how much?! And you don't deliver?! Oh...come...on!"

Elliott Richard

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Rob took Elliott Richard grocery shopping with him the other day. We figured he would fall asleep on the way to the store. But he made it through the store and into the car. Clutching his box of Lucky Charms the whole way. Then he passed out cold on the way home. He never let up on that box of Lucky Charms. :) lol
I took this picture the other day. Elliott was really fussy and couldn't figure out what he wanted. He didn't want to watch cartoons. Or hang out with me. Or hang out with Daddy. Sometimes he'll snuggle with me and watch me play my DS. I offered to do that and declined. Then he took my DS and began to play all by himself. (lol)
He was playing my "Sims 2: Castaway" game. There's a mini-game where you go spear fishing. The whole point is to try and catch as many fish by spearing them as possible. He never actually caught any fish. But he could still try and spear empty water. Every time he would poke the screen and his spear would appear, he would laugh and laugh and laugh. I have a short video clip that I want to post. As soon as I can get my digital camera to play nice.

Ah...true love...

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