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Bed Rest ~ Day 35

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Today is the beginning of Week 5. Oy!

I've got a horrible migraine. I've already taken my meds but they aren't helping. *sigh* It feels like there are tiny, little men with jackhammers in my head. I wish I could convince them to go work some place else.

The Claims Adjuster is coming tomorrow at 1:00pm check out "The Leak". She's probably going to tell us that they won't cover it but I figured it couldn't hurt to have it checked out just in case. Our insurance agent called and said that if we receive even $1 towards this claim our premium will go up by about $100+ a year and we will have to increase our deductible. :( Odds are they won't cover any of it anyway so it doesn't matter. But I would rather know for sure that they won't cover any of it, rather than guess and assume.

I also have my weekly standing appointment with Lisa tomorrow morning. Then I have my weekly appointment with Dr. D at 9:30am.

Gavin was home for the weekend and things went really well. Of course it helped that we had satellite installed in his bed room. (lol) We set it up so that he could only cycle through the various Nickelodeon and Disney channels. He was loving it. :)

I was going to write more but I think I'm going to lay down and try and get rid of my migraine.

35 down ~ 100 to go
5 weeks down ~ 14 to go


Jen said...

Aren't migraines the worst. I'm so sorry that you have them.

I'm praying that the leak isn't too horrible and you can get it fixed without too much trouble and cost.

Good luck with your Dr.'s appointment.

I'm so glad that you had a great weekend with Gavin!

Nicole said...

Migraines blow. LOL you know my thoughts on them...

sorry about being short earlier. I was trying to look up addresses and I had like four things dinging at me at once. ;) I still love ya though :)

And your Dr appts are going to rock tomorrow ;)

Julie said...

Home owners' insurance companies are such rip offs. It should be a crime for them to raise rates just b/c you have to file a claim - after all, you've already paid for it with all the premiums you've paid them over the years. I hate the home insurance business. UGH! Good luck, Lizze & Rob - I hope it goes well tomorrow. Hope your migraine goes away too.

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