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Pregnancy Dreams

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I completely forgot to post about my crazy pregnancy dream I had last night! It was just...bizarre! Various friends and family members kept taking me out to eat. Every restaurant I went to, I would order my meal (steak and potatoes, pork chops etc.). Then when my meal would come it looked like what I had ordered but it was made entirely out of white, milk and dark chocolate!!!! Some of it was molded out of chocolate, some was chocolate shavings...whatever it took to make chocolate look like food. It should have been good because chocolate is one of my favorite foods of all time. But after a while, it just got old. lol

15 weeks

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What we've been up to...
Your nearly four-inch long gymnast is happily mobile inside your womb and if you're really lucky, you’ll notice a point when your sneezing, coughing or laughing results in a little kick here or a poke there. Still, many women don't feel anything until the 17th week or later. Although the poking and kicking isn't very charming during sleeping hours, it’s a good sign as it means your baby is actually reacting to outside events. Yay! You’ve got yourself one active healthy baby! Their little elbows and knees are bending more freely this week and their little legs are finally growing longer than their arms and getting pumped up for prenatal Richard
Simmons. Many of their major organ systems are increasing in capacity—particularly that amazing tiny heart and complex circulation system, which is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood per day, and will increase to a very impressive 200 quarts per day by the end of the pregnancy. As far as hair goes, we’ve got some new scalp patterns beginning to develop on the head, although actual head hair is not yet present.
I feel like I haven't written a proper blog this week. Well, besides the long awaited update on Tuesday. The week has been crazy busy but nothing I really feel comfortable sending out into cyberspace.

I tried to take a nap a little while ago but didn't get much rest. There was some definitely some moving and grooving going on in there and I wanted to stay awake to feel it. :) Only problem is that now I'm even more exhausted than I was before I laid down. *sigh* Such is pregnancy.

Elliott Richard is growing like a weed! He's started telling us which way to go to get home or get where he thinks we shoud go. He'll point in a direction and squeal, "That way!" It's pretty cute. Of course, when you think about it, Elliott Richard is pretty cute, too. Not that I'm biased or anything.

We kept Gavin home from school today because he had an appointment with Dr. R., his psychiatrist. Then we lucked out because today ended up being a snow day, so at least missing school didn't count against him. We've been worried about some of his behaviors lately. Luckily, it isn't what we were afraid of. It would appear that Gavin is suffering from some S.A.D. coupled with a little bit of situational depression. We are going to try a new medication and see if that helps any. I'm hoping it does because he looks so sad and forelorn. :(

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and things are supposed to be settling down a bit. My energy should be returning little by little. The nausea should be subsiding and slowly over time it is. I still have days though where it hits me full force and I'm miserable. And I shouldn't be getting winded until I'm closer to the 3rd trimester but I swear do anything exhausts me and gets me out of breath.

The writers strike is still killing me! I miss my shows! I want them back! Until I get them back, I have been finding reruns of old shows I never got to watch and recording them. Right now, I'm hooked on "America's Next Top Model". Few things are more entertaining that watching a group of women living together while fighting for the chance of a lifetime. lol I admit, I'm a reality television addict. There are some who say it kills braincells and whatnot. But you know what, I'm a stay-at-home mom to 2 boys (1 with Autism) and I'm pregnant with my 3rd child. If I want to zone and watch people do things I would never do in a million years - leave me be! :p lol

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