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It's one of those days

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I'm exhausted. I took a crappy nappy with Emmett John this afternoon. It didn't help. I had hoped it would at least help with the raging sleep deprivation migraine I've got going on. No dice.

Then Elliott Richard and I were eating my organic Emmett John Friendly Oreo-type cookies. He had the cutest little mustashe and gotee going on. I just had to take pictures. So I grab the camera and crouch down to get on Elliott Richard's level. As I'm crouching a stabbing pain shoots through my right knee and then my knee gave out. I fell backwards. The camera went flying.

Now my knee is all screwed up, again. (It had just started to heal from me screwing it up the night we got Abby.) And the camera is broken. I can't believe I broke it 4 days before Mr. Emmett John's First Christmas! *sigh*

Google It!

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The following words and phrases have brought readers to my humble blog:

trileptal accidental dose (Ask Jeeves) ~ Wow. Trileptal questions are still bringing readers to the blog. I feel a little better that I'm not the only one who handed out an accidental dose though. :)

trileptal complexion (Google) ~ I didn't know there was such a thing as a "Trileptal complexion". Interesting....

brie cheese (Google) ~ Ah...cheese...I miss cheese.

i believe that faith has brought us here, so we can be together girl- cherrio commercial (Google) ~ Even misspelled searches for cheerio commercials bring readers to me. :D

greeting cards to mommy and daddy (Google) ~ We've got all three of those things: mommy, daddy and greeting cards. :)

m&m facts (Yahoo) ~ I am 99% sure that this person didn't find what they were looking for. My M&M's are sweet but they don't have anything to do with the candies. Sorry about the confusion.

My Child the Torture Specialist

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Mr. Emmett John has a future in the military. Interrogating terrorists. His specialty will be in the field of using sleep deprivation. I become more convinced of this as time goes on. I didn't realize how a kid could be a picky sleeper until Emmett John.

Because of his milk and soy allergies, if I have ANY milk or soy Emmett will wake up the next morning at 3 or 4am screaming. When I say ANY, I mean any. It's taught me to check labels 5 and 6 times so I can avoid that early morning wake-up call. 

If he is stuffy, he will sleep fine (stuffy and all) until about 4am (see a pattern yet?) and then suddenly he will wake-up screaming because he's stuffy. Now to me, he doesn't sound any worse at 4am than he did when we went to bed at 10pm. But for some reason he seems unwilling to deal with it anymore after 4am. 

And then, there was last night. Mr. Emmett John wasn't feeling good all day yesterday. However, when he was asleep is when he seemed the calmest and things were going pretty well for him. When he was awake, he was fussy and grumpy. You could just tell he was uncomfortable. So I figured when we went to bed for the night that he would sleep fairly well. Wrong. We went to bed at about 11pm. He was exhausted but wouldn't sleep. (I should have known then something was hinky.) At about 12:30am he finally fell asleep on my shoulder so we went to bed. He woke up fussing and then all out screaming by 3am. So he and I went downstairs so that Daddy and Elliott Richard could keep sleeping. He screamed and thrashed and thrashed and screamed until about 4:30-ish. At that point, I gave him some gas drops and Tylenol because I had exhausted all other options. Those helped him to calm down enough to fall asleep for brief period of time so long as he was on my chest. So I built a little fortress around us on the couch and dozed off and on while he slept for the briefest of periods. For the rest of the night, he would sleep for a bit. Wake up screaming. Nurse for a moment. Sleep for a bit. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Now it is 9:30am. I hope you'll excuse me if this post makes little to no sense; I am so beyond exhausted that I can't even see exhausted anymore. And now I'm off to try and accomplish something...maybe I'll wash some dishes. The laundry might be easier though. Or maybe I'll just pass out on the couch. Yeah, that's sounds like a better option.


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I feel...unsettled. Like I want to blog but don't know what to say. I want to draw but don't know what to draw. You get the idea. I've been working on the whole thing but I've hit a wall. My sister, Trisha, and I have been working to try and untangle our family tree without a whole lot of success. It's almost as if her maternal great-grandparents didn't exist. (I say her's and not our's because genetically they are our's, however, I wasn't raised with any emotional connection to them so to me they feel more like her's.) I can't even find evidence that her maternal grandmother's maiden name existed, ever. It's crazy. It's been nice working together with her on this project though. Plus I've been able to harass and stalk her (I use those terms affectionately of course.) while we work on it. After all, what good is a little sister if she isn't being annoying? (lol) 

The Mob

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No. No. No. Not that mob. I'm referring to the lynch mob that hunted me down at Gavin's school yesterday. Apparently, I've been missed. And I promised a post. So here it is. Please remember I promised a post. Not an award winning novel. What can I say, I'm exhausted!

So here's the run down:

  • Emmett John now weighes 18lb 8oz.
  • He is 27.5 in long, which means he grew .75 inch in a month!
  • Gavin is holding steady with some pretty major meltdowns. He even threatened Rob one day and Elliott Richard the other. Not cool.
  • I have blown out my right knee, which wasn't difficult since I blew it out 15 years ago in gymnastics. I keep debating calling the doctor.
  • Elliott Richard is just as cute and sweet as ever. No real change there.
  • Emmett John saw the ENT doctor. He scoped Emmett's throat and determined that the hoarsness is from the reflux. The scope seems to have flipped a switch in Mr. Emmett John though because he hasn't shut up since the appointment. lol (As I write this, he is in his swing talk and squealing his head off.)
  • We've all been sick, except for Gavin, for the last month. We just keep passing it around. Right now is Rob's turn.
  • In an attempt to work through my identity crisis I have been living on Rob even got me a one month subscription for Christmas so I can continue my work. I've tracked some of my ancestors back to the 1500's! Pretty cool. Very satisfying. Very addicting.
  • And to wrap up my quick update in an attempt to hold off the mob, we got a dog. Yes, I know. This makes me certifiably insane. However, in my defense, we rescued a 2 year old dog. She's housebroken, knows most of the basic commands, is great with the kids and in my oppinion, absolutely adorable. Her name is Abby after my favorite character on NCIS. (Yes, I'm an NCIS nerd.)

And now my M&M's are calling/screaming for me. As are my dishes. So I am off.

13 Things I Miss Most Since Going Dairy Free

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Thirteen Things I Miss Most Since Going Dairy Free

1.... Cheese! I love cheese. I love cheese on foods, with foods or alone. I miss Farmer's cheese, Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese, get the idea.

2.... Cheesecake! This may sound very similar to #1 but in fact it is very different and deserving of it's own spot. I love me some cheesecake! If you dare to doubt my love for cheesecake...well, shame on you!

3.... Sour cream! I put sour cream on almost as many foods as I pair cheese with. Tacos. French fries. Baked potatoes. I have been known to revolve my menu around what I can make to put sour cream on.

4.... Ice cream! Now the rice milk ice cream is nice. It's actually very good. However, there are only a few flavors. I miss mint chocolate chip and peanut butter-chocolate, just to name a few.

5.... Milk shakes! Again very similar to #4 but totally different and worthy of it's only slot. Sheetz has these frozen milk shake things that you put in their little mixer machine thing. You can decide between "thick" and "extra thick". I love them! They are the best milk shakes around and I miss them.

6.... Cake! I would about kill for a huge piece of ooey gooey chocolate cake with super thick chocolate icing right now. I'm just saying.

7.... Cookies! It is now officially Christmas Season and there will be Christmas cookies every where. I will not be partaking in any of them. :(

8.... Doughnuts! Rob offered to go get doughnuts for breakfast the other day. I was thrilled until I remembered I couldn't have them. We had eggs not the same.

9.... McDonald's French Fries! Did you know that they treat these delectable little snacks with some sort of milk derivative? Yup. In fact, most of McDonald's foods are treated with this same (or similar) product making my absolutely favorite fast food place a no go. :(

10.... Not having to read every label I come across. Okay, so this isn't a food that I miss but it is something I miss most since going dairy free. So in my book, it counts. Plus it's my blog and I'll list what I want to! :p (lol)

11.... Brownies! Ooey gooey double chocolate brownies....mmmmmmm...

12.... Pizza! It kills me to watch everyone else eating pizza. Probably more than anything else simply because no one likes cheesecake around here except me. Oh how I miss pizza.

13.... Cheesecake! Hey, it's my list and I'll list it twice if I want to!

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Block Castles in the Sky

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Come on down Elliott Richard! :)
Things in the land of Elliott Richard have been pretty calm, cool and collected.

We're still working on the potty training, while trying not to push too hard. Not an easy task. He tells us when he's wet. He adamantly denies when his pooped, although it feels like a game. He still loves his Big Boy Lightning McQueen pants (Pull Ups) but unlike most potty training kids he doesn't care if he uses them. Some nights he stays dry. Some nights he pees through his diaper. I'm starting to realize just how helpful day care was in potty training Gavin. {Even with Pam trying to undo it all. But that's for another post. I'm saying that a lot lately, aren't I?} Now I feel at a loss for what to do without the day care to help.

We've recently reinstated nap time for Mr. Elliott Richard. He wasn't taking naps for the largest time because it had become such a battle to get him to sleep. Plus, he was doing okay without them. He seems to be going through a growth spurt at the moment though because he's a major grump without a nap. Half the time he was falling asleep in the middle of whatever he was doing by 5pm anyway. All that accomplish was to seriously screw up bed time, which as any parent will tell you is very uncool. So Rob and I have reinstated nap time. The best part is the fact that to accomplish nap time, Emmett John and I have to lay down with him. So we get a nap too. {woo who!} I love nap time.

That's about the extent of the life and times of Elliott Richard. Oh and of course the facts that he got another hair cut and he's going through a growth spurt, which amounts to him eating anything that isn't nailed down. It's rather unsettling to watch him go from eating like a bird to eating like a horse virtually over night. It's kind of nice though because watching him eat like a bird is unsettling in its own right. I'll be sure to post pictures of his new 'do later.

Ah...true love...

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