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A tiny update on our Tiny baby

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It has been one ridiculously long day.

It started late last night/early this morning. As Julie's husband Bob put it (so perfectly in my opinion) when referring to their son, Cooper a few weeks ago; the Gremlin in Emmett John came out last night.

He nursed and nursed and nursed some more. Then when there was nothing left to be had while nursing, when I was completely drained, he screamed. I kept trying to get him to nurse anyway because that's the only way to increase my supply. He wasn't having it. Period. End of story. Finally, he was exhausted (he wasn't alone here) and fell asleep (he wasn't alone there either).

We spent most of today with Emmett still channeling his inner-Gremlin. The Zantac wasn't helping much. He didn't want held or put down. He didn't want rocked or bounced. He wanted to nurse. No wait, he didn't want to nurse. It was exhausting.

Then he nursed at about 10:30am. By noon he was doing this funky "gagging" that he does sometimes. I kept an eye on him. Tried to calm him down, since it freaks him out sometimes. But it wasn't working. Next thing I know, he's spitting up all over the both of us. Then the fussing got worse because he had basically emptied his stomach so now he wanted to nurse again. I wanted to distract him so I gave him a bath, which served double duty because he needed it anyway after spitting up all over himself. Typically, he loves baths until I start washing him. Then he hates them. Today, he continued to scream from start to finish. Totally unlike himself. Grand total between noon and 1:30pm Emmett spit up 3 times. The first time (all over the both of us). The second and third times were just after he ate. He gave about half of everything he'd just eaten back to me.

At 2:30pm Emmett and I took Gavin to occupational therapy. He fussed and screamed the whole way there. Then when we left to do some running around. At that point my gut was screaming at me, "Something is wrong here!" So I called Dr. H's office.

The nurse had me take him in at 4:45pm. First, we weighed him in the "bucket scale" which is just a scale that he reclines in rather than the flat scale. He's gained another 7 1/2 oz in 4 days!!!!Craziness I tell you. Dr. H checked him out. He said that he's pretty sure it's just a really bad reflux day. So we're supposed to give him the Maalox between Zantac doses for the time being. If that works, then he'll increase Emmett's dose of Zantac. He's on call tonight so if Emmett gets worse (more forceful spitting up, blood or bile in the spit up, inconsolable or completely lethargic) we're supposed to call ASAP. Other wise I'm supposed to call his office with an update in the morning.

So far he's been pretty good since we left Dr. H's office. Of course, what better way to make a liar out of Mommy. lol I'm still floored by the weight gain...but I'm going to go be floored in my sleep. I'm exhausted and I'm fighting to keep my eyes open at this point...

Ah...true love...

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