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Bed Rest ~ Day 43 Wow, a desktop...

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Do you guys have any idea how long it's been since I've actually used a desktop computer? A long time. Why am I using Rob's desktop you ask? Because he's fighting (a losing battle) with a bug. So far the score is Bug:1 Rob:0. Oh...wait...he just got it and killed it. Final score is Bug: 1 and dead Rob: 1 and alive. :)

Now that the bug is gone, I'm off to finish watching my recorded NCIS marathon. :)

43 down ~ 92 to go


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Lizze's laptop finally died today. She is sleeping now so she doesn't know yet. She will have to post from her phone for now until I figure something. I am passing this on so you guys don't worry if she is not posting as often. I may be able to still fix it but it will have to wait until later. I need to get her a new external usb dvd-rom drive. Her hard drive became corrupt and I can no longer boot into Windows.......I have to repair the master boot record but need to boot from dvd to do it..

So please don't worry she is OK.........

She can do almost anything from her phone......

Just wanted to keep you all posted.....

She is resting now so thats good...




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Dr. D said I should feel better by my appointment next week. I'm exhausted and swollen and struggling to breathe. Off to try and nap. (Please God, help me nap.)

More detailed update later.

Here we go again...

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Sitting in the waiting room at Dr. D's office.

I still feel like death warmed over. Rob says I look the part too. He says my complexion is gray. No idea what is going to happen. I had to hand Rob the phone while talking to Karen because I was having another coughing fit. He said she heard me coughing and said to come in now. So here I am.

Prayers please.

Ah...true love...

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