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I *heart* surprises!

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So over the weekend I received a pleasant surprise in the mail from my dear friend, Slade. I was so surprised and touched at her kindness. Rob was as well. This is Tiny's first official baby related baby gift. Rob and I haven't even had a chance to purchase anything specifically for Tiny. lol Her gift was so generous! She sent a green t-shirt for Gavin, which is his favorite color. He was so siked! She also sent the cutest set of pajamas for Elliott Richard that say "I like to collect bugs!", which are so fitting for our "Tiny Twitterbug". She also included two cards. One for me and one for Rob. (Poor Rob is so neglected these days.) He was so touched that she had remembered him, too. :) It was so cute when Elliott Richard became confused over the diapers. He couldn't figure out how we had diapers that weren't for him. lol And the penguin tubby-toy was intended for Tiny (Slade wrote "Tiny" on the package to clear up any confusion. lol), however, Elliott Richard felt it was his duty as the big brother to test it out. He approves. :) lol

Slade, thank you so very much! You truly are so a kind, generous and wonderful soul. I am lucky to have found you as a friend. *hugs*

(On a side and kind of funny note, I just ate one of the delicious Dove Dark Chocolates she sent me. For those of you who don't know, on the inside of each foil wrapper is a saying. The saying on my last chocolate said, "You're allowed to do nothing." lol If only they knew.)

Auntie Sharon's Surprise & A Little About My Fam

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My Mommy is one of 6, kind of like my hubby. She had 4 sisters and 1 brother. I love each of my aunts. Each of them has a special place in my heart for a different reason. (I'm going to have to go find pictures of my Aunties to post with this blog.)

My Auntie Paula is the oldest of the six. She is the sweetest, most down-to-Earth woman I've ever known. She works as a Court Services Officer. At least that's what I call her role based on my television legal lingo. :) She works for a judge here in town as his secretary and a little bit of everything else. Her special place in my heart is filled with memories of her scratching my back, arms and face until I would fall asleep. (When I'm really stressed I'll go to her and she'll still do this for me.) She took Gavin and I and allowed us to "hide" when we moved home after I left Nick. When I was married to and living with Nick, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She handled it with such style and grace. I hope I am able to handle my life in such a way. She's caring, compassionate and so generous. She is an amazing woman and I feel honored every day to know her and have her as my Auntie.

Next in line is my Aunt Carol. Ever since I was a little girl, Aunt Carol has felt more like a friend than an Aunt. She's funny and gives amazing hugs! When I was a kid she lived "far away" (I was convinced that she lived like 3 hours away. In reality, she lived maybe an hour away. lol) so I didn't get to spend the night at her house as much as I would have liked. They lived in the country at the time and had gobs of land, which I thought was very cool. I remember once she got my cousin Sam and I gifts from Odd Lots. I was so impressed with Odd Lots I couldn't wait to shop there when I grew up. (lol) Sadly we still don't live "close" to one another. She's still about 45 minutes away so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. However, she does work in the hospital where I go to delivery my kids. Which usually means she gets to see them first. ;) lol She even got to see Elliott in the NICU. (I think. Those 10 days are kind of hazy.) She is super sweet and funny and affectionate and I just love her to bits!

My Mommy is the next in line. :) Since I'm writing about everyone else it only feels right to include Mommy. Let's Mommy a wonderful mother. Although sometimes I don't think she believes this. She is such a peaceful and beautiful soul. All that I am that is hippy, I got from her, a fact she's proud of. My love for reading and books, I got from her influence. She always nutured my love of books, although at times she seemed confused by the fact that her tween/teenager would rather have books than anything else. (lol) She is an amazing grandmother to my children. She has a very special bond with Gavin. In part because she helped me to raise him until Gavin and I moved into an apartment with Rob. They also have a special bond because she was my birthing coach. She helped me to bring him into the world. And that is a gift I am forever grateful for. (I'm tearing up just thinking about it.) She is such a generous soul. She loves to bake (and is by far the best baker I've personally ever known) and she does so for birthdays for friends and family all the time. In all honesty, I don't know that I would be the woman I am today without my Mommy.

Half way there! :)

Fourth in line is my Auntie Sharon. The lady who started this whole blog/post in the first place. (lol) My Aunt Sharon and I tend to be a lot alike. We are both free spirits and very outspoken about our beliefs, opinions etc. We've had pretty similar life experiences as well. There has been a time (more than one) when we clashed horns and had a battle of the wills. (We're both incredibly stubborn.) Sometimes she just drives me insane but I still love her. I have a special place in my heart for her because we are so much alike. She has certainly be dealt an interesting hand in life but she just rolls with the punches. Some how she always seems to come out on top, at least to me. (lol) She also always seems to find a way to be generous and make others feel special.

This elephant paperweight is a gift from her. When I was little I loved elephants, I don't know why. She remembered that wanted me to have this paperweight. It's of what I like to think are a Mommy and baby elephant. Elliott loves it because of the bubbles in the glass portion, which is why it's up high in the window. This way I can enjoy it and he can't break it. (lol)

Fifth in the list of siblings is my Uncle Mark. This blog is all about the Aunts though so I guess I'll take about my Aunt Terri here. She is my Uncle Mark's wife. Honestly, I don't know her very well. She very sweet and kind. I know that growing up she was really close to my cousin Maddy. But I just never really got the chance to get to know her.

Last (but certainly not least) is my Aunt Susie. Susie is the youngest of the six. She is also a mother of seven. (Brave woman!) I honestly don't know how she does it all. Six of her seven children are still in high school through grade school. My Aunt Susie just amazes me (yes, they all amaze me in different ways) with everything she manages. All of the different balls she keeps up in the air. I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for her, as a woman and as a mother. She's just phenominal!

And those are my wonderful, amazing aunts. This started out as a blog about the beautiful, thoughtful gift my Auntie Sharon gave me and somehow it's morphed into this. :)

April's Craftiness

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That's right folks, poo on the nay-sayers! (as Beth and Julie put it) I am going to post pictures of my care packages! :)

In this lovely package from April, I received a handmade blue and gray blanket for Tiny and two magazines for me. :) I just love this blanket! It is super, duper soft and snuggly. I can't wait to use it for Tiny.

And before the rumors start, blue is my favorite color. April and I have known each other for years and she knows this. Sorry folks, no hints at Tiny's sex here. ;)

If you like April's craftiness, she has a whole Etsy store full of crafty things she and her friend have made. Go take a gander! :)

*Tapes eyelids open*

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I'm fighting to stay awake. Literally. At this point I'm even considering taping my eyelids open. (Hense the title. lol) That is the only reason I am posting this now - to stay awake. (I apologize if this makes little to no sense.) Elliott Richard is anti-nap today and Rob is really struggling. So I need to stay awake. Here's the run down of Day...what is it now, 33?

I slept horribly last night. Elliott did not want to go to sleep last night. Then when he finally fell asleep at 10pm (2 hrs past his bed time) he didn't want to stay asleep. I was up with him every 10 minutes for about an hour before I cried uncle. Rob then brought Elliott to bed and the only way Elliott could find to be comfortable was with this head on my butt/hips. I woke up at about 3am in excruciating pain from sleeping in a contorted position. I tried to shift positions and get more comfortable. No luck.

So I woke up this morning with a migraine from lack of sleep and a horrible backache from sleeping funky. I killed the migraine with my medications. I can't seem to get rid of the backache for anything.

Then I spent the morning taking picutres and uploading them and whatnot. Which was a pain in the butt because my digital camera and laptop seem to be upset with each other. So that's been a struggle in and of itself. As soon as I'm finished and everything is all organized I'll post a bunch of picture posts/blogs.

The insurance company called. They are claiming that we should have had someone out here and had "The Leak" fixed within 3 days. If they come out and find mold, mildew, rotting etc. they won't pay for anything. She wanted to know why when we found the issue we didn't have it fixed on the spot rather than playing phone tag with our insurance agent. I would like to strangle this woman. Maybe because we aren't made of money? (Gasp!) Or because we thought this is exactly the type of situation that we've been paying for home owners for? (The nerve!) Or because we thought home owner's would cover it, we wanted to make sure we did things "the right way"? (How dare we!) Maybe we waiting because we didn't know what the heck to do? (Can you imagine?) Ooooo...I'm just so irritated right now. (I'd be angrier if I could stay awake and keep my eyes open. lol)

As much as I like our insurance agent, I hate State Farm's claims adjusters. It almost feels like when they look for claims adjusters, they advertise looking for the rudest, meanest people with the world's shortest tempers. (Nice, compassionate people need not apply.) I have yet to have a kind claims adjuster while dealing with State Farm.

Okay, now I'm so exhausted my eyes burn. Rob is on the phone with Uncle Rick and pacing. Oh to have a nap...*sigh*

Random Thoughts

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How desperate is Jaime Lee Curtis that she is endorsing a poo-regulating yogurt?

How do peanuts get salted by salting the shell?

Why if ABC, NBS, CBS and PBS are the universal stations nationwide, do I have to pay $5/month go watch them?

Why do they always say "the butler did it"? Why the butler? What's so horrible about this poor butler?

How do they come up with the names for cities? And who gets to pick the name?

Why is our country so litigation happy? When did life become about what we could get for free and who we could ruin to get it? Is this the new "American Dream"?

Bed Rest ~ Day 33 Let's do a quiz...

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I've found a new blog (I know, you're shocked!) that I love. I'm in the process of reading it from beginning to now, however, in the course of my reading she had this quiz posted. I've decided to steal it and fill it out for myself. I'm preparing an actual post here in a bit and I will formally introduce y'all then. :) Until then, here are my answers to the stolen quiz...

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
Okay, I'm lazy and to get the book I would have to move the laptop and crawl to the end of my bed. So let's just pretend I don't have any books near me and since I'm on bed rest, I can't get up and get one. :)

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. Do you catch air?
If I go straight out, yes all I touch is air. If I go out to the left and down, I touch my Heparin injection waiting for Rob to poke me.

3.What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Lazy Town.

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?
11:00 am

5.Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
10:56 am - It's lunch time and I'm starving!

6.With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Elliott Richard hopping/skipping through the house and laughing as he plays Sims 2: Castaway on my DS. Gavin playing Piranah Panic.

7.When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
I last stepped outside on Tuesday, April 8. I was coming into my house after coming home from my Dr. D appointment.

8.Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
I honestly don't remember.

9.What are you wearing?
My rapidly shrinking yellow "Please keep your order out of my chaos" t-shirt and my fuzzy red and white candy pajama pants.

10.When did you last laugh?
A few minutes ago.

11.What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Mint green paint, pictures of my family, a clock, a huge mirror and my security alarm keypad.

12.Seen anything weird lately?
Weird? I have two small life is nothing if not weird! lol

13.What do you think of this quiz?
It's not bad. It's killing the boredom a bit without asking incredibly personal questions.

14.What is the last film you saw?
Film as in physically IN the theater? Um...August Rush. Film as in on TV? I think I recorded Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last week.

15.If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A bigger safer brand-new house, a van, pay off my debts and start splurging on the family and everyone else who has helped/supported us over the past 7 years. (I would also probably spend some of it burying those who have made it their mission to "destroy our lives" in the past 7 years.)

16.Tell me something about you that I don't know.
I was in gymnastics for 8 years and I actually screwed up my right knee in a gymnastics meet. I'll have to have it replaced someday.

17.If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I would take the children from abusive parents without regard for the parents - I would put the children first. I would also try my best to see to it that children without parents were paired up with a safe, loving set of parents.

18.Do you like to Dance?
I love to dance but I'm not very good. lol

19.Imagine your first child is a girl. What do you call her?
Caislyn Joy or Lorelei Rose

20.Imagine your first child is a boy. What do you call him?
Gavin Alexander :)

21.Would you ever consider living abroad?
Only if I could take my Mommy and Daddy with me. :)

22.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
I knew you'd make it. I've been waiting for you.

Ah...true love...

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