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I swear to you...

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I'm seriously NOT PREGNANT. I'd tell you if I were. And I definitely appreciate the support but there's nothing to tell or support because....


13 Signs I'm Pregnant

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Okay so I've been lacking in my Thursday 13 responsibilities. I apologize for that. (I know you've all been on the edge of your seats anxiously awaiting my first Thursday 13! lol)

This week my Thursday Thirteen is inspired by a very dear friend of mine who recently found out that she's pregnant! (Yippee!) And I promise you that I am not my own "dear friend". ;) lol Seriously, I'm not!

Thirteen Signs I'm Pregnant

1.... I am super thirsty all the time. I wake up so often for a drink of water that I polish off 32oz in about 8 hours of sleep.
2.... My breasts hurt so much it's not funny. Really, it isn't funny.
3.... Things that should make me cry, don't.
4.... Things that shouldn't make me cry, do. A lot.
5.... I am absolutely starving but the mere thought of eating - don't ask.
6.... My mother calls me to tell me she's dreamed about me being pregnant - again. She has this dream every time I get pregnant.
7.... Rob wakes up one morning and tells me "you need to pee on a stick". He always seems to know before me somehow.
8.... I. Am. Exhausted. I sleep all night. Take 4 hour naps. And still look and feel like a zombie.
9.... My complexion clears up. Over night.
10.... My cat, Cleo, will not leave me alone. She lays on my belly and purrs if I lay down or if I recline. Heaven help me if I dare to sit. She'll force her way onto my belly. It's honestly a miracle my children don't expect me to purr.
11.... I start dreaming about naming babies, even before I know that I'm pregnant.
12.... I get headaches - not migraines which are normal for me. Just plain, old, run of the mill headaches. Pregnancy is the only time I get headaches.
13.... And finally, my ex-mother-in-law is off somewhere filing a contempt motion seeking to have me thrown in jail. Seriously, she's done this with my last two pregnancies. lol

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