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Bed Rest ~ Day 42 What's worse than half-dead?

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Welcome to Day 42 and Week 6...

Does anyone know what's worse than "half-dead"? Whatever it is, that's where I'm at today...half-past half-dead.

I feel horrible. I've coughed my throat completely raw. To the point where it hurts too badly to swallow fluids or soup. In an effort to stay hydrated, I'm sucking on (basically allowing them to melt) ice cubes. So far it's working with the added benefit of numbing my throat for a moment or two. My chest is killing me! I don't know if it's from the coughing or what but it hurts to breathe, to cough, to sit here and do nothing. My fever is slowly creeping back up, which isn't a good thing. (I really need to lay off the ice cubes for a second so I can get an accurate temp but the relief on the throat keeps luring me back.) I'm just generally miserable.

I'm currently waiting on Dr. D's office to call me back. I called first thing this morning because the coughing is causing an increase in the number and strength of my contractions. Lori said that Dr. D wouldn't be in until 1:00 pm but she would talk to him then and call me back. She didn't want to call in anything or tell me to take anything without talking to him because of all the medications I'm currently taking. I hope they call me soon.

Elliott Richard is still sick as well. Although he is doing much better than myself. His cough isn't nearly as bad as mine but he's sleeping a lot. He woke up quite a bit last night and finally at about 4:00 am I came downstairs to sleep in "my bed" because it was becoming painful to try and suppress the coughing, which I had to do because it would have woken Elliott up for good. Right now he's napping on Rob's chest (pictures to follow) in the "man cave".

Dr. D's office just called. I don't know what I have. He is calling in a prescription for prednisone and an antibiotic that I've never heard of and can't remember. My fever is coming back and they want me to take Tylenol for that. I should have asked about sleeping but at this point I guess it's a moot point. I did some research on Prednisone and pregnancy. Some sites say it's a Category C, which means they don't know if it's safe during pregnancy. Other sites say that it is rendered basically ineffective upon crossing the placenta. I have found out that with symptoms like mine it's the last drug of choice. So basically when a case doesn't appear to be a good candidate for weaker medications, they go for the big guns. I trust Dr. D and as I said, I'm half-past half-dead so I guess if he feels it's necessary then I'll take it. Too bad he didn't feel a medically induced coma was necessary. (lol) The sleep and rest would be nice, that's for sure.

42 down ~ 93 to go
6 weeks down ~ 13 to go


Julie said...

I'm sorry you feel awful :(. Hope you feel better soon! Why did the doc prescribe steroids? - just curious b/c I've never heard of that before for a virus or cold or anything.

Merrilee Dilley said...

When that happened to me, lukewarm chicken broth in a baby bottle... it could dribble down my throat it such small quantities it didn't hurt as bad. ::hugs::

Ah...true love...

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