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Bed Rest ~ Day 36

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We are in the "home stretch"! Well, relatively speaking anyway. And if the home stretch is once you've reached double digits left on bed rest rather than triple digits. At this point, I'll take what I can get.

I had a really good appointment with Dr. D this morning. :) He says we may actually make it full term, which is awesome news. It scares me though. It scares me to hope that we may make it. As strange as I'm sure it must sound, I'm more comfortable with the short term goals. I'm more comfortable thinking that we may not make it full term. Then if we do make it, I'm surprised. Rather than thinking I will make it full term and being surprised with another premature delivery. Overall, he said that things look good so that's something a least. I guess it's the small victories at this point, right? In 2 weeks I'll be 28 weeks pregnant. At that point Tiny will have a nearly 100% chance at survival. So for now, 2 weeks is my goal.

Appointment Stats:
Weight: 177lb (which I'm pretty sure means I lost 2 lbs in a week)
BP: 108/68
Fundal Height: 26 cm
Tiny's Heartrate: 138 bpm

I don't have another appointment for 2 weeks. But he sent me for physical therapy 2 days/week for my back and sciatic pain. He said it's only going to get worse and he doesn't want the pain to stress me out or jump start anything else. So now there are two more weekly appointments for poor Rob to worry about. I feel like everytime he reaches his tipping point, I have to dump something else in his lap.

36 down ~ 99 to go


Slade said...

oh Rob! Isn't he a wonderful husband! I am sure he won't mind having something else to do if it means that he's taking care of you! WAY 2 GO, Lizze! Out of the triple digits! YAY!

Julie said...

Lizze - yay for all the good news! hey listen, ask the doc to prescribe home-based physical therapy so they come to your house. that's what my doc is doing - i just have to call and find out which PT company does it and is approved by my insurance.

Ah...true love...

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