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10 down ~ 8 to go

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I can't believe I've already had 10 17P injections! That's just crazy to me! That also means I've been on strict bed rest for nearly 10 weeks! *shock*

Lisa came at 8:00am just like every other Tuesday morning. Of course, Elliott Richard decided to sleep in this morning. Just my luck. It's so nice to have some human contact, besides Rob and the boys that is. Plus Lisa and I always end up chatting for a bit, which is nice because it makes it feel a little more like a social visit rather than a business/medical one. It was another painless injection, although the site is burning like crazy at the moment. As much as I hate these injections, I'm going to miss Lisa. She was the perfect nurse for me to be paired up with. :)

The Stats
Tiny's Heartrate: 132 bpm
BP: 98/60 (It's about time it got back to normal!)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Gram! I am taking a few minutes to let you know I check on you and yours "almost" every day. I have not forgot you and "pray" that all keeps going well for you and "tiny".

Needless to say things have been a little "off" for me since Jerry passed away which I know you are aware of because of a blog you left on Tiffany's blog. I am doing fairly good. I do have my moments and then I try and think of something else.

I think of you often!! I am glad that most of the time you are positive. That means a lot!!

Christ's Love and Mine, Gram

Ah...true love...

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