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At 4am...I knew...

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I knew at 4am this morning that today was going to be one of "those" Mondays. Emmett woke up fussing his little head off. Nothing I did helped him. He wasn't hungry. He didn't need changed. He didn't want to cuddle. I nursed him. Nothing. I burped him. Nothing. Nothing worked. He finally fell back to sleep at 6am. I wasn't far behind. Unfortunately, he woke up again at about 7-7:30am, which brought my total sleep for the night to a whopping 3 hrs. I'm not used to this because he's normally such a good little sleeper.

FYI: when you've only had 3 hrs of sleep it's probably not a good idea to try and get some left over birthday cake for breakfast. And if you *just have to have* that piece of cake, make sure your plate is safely on the table. That was my mistake...the plate. The plate crashed to the floor. Shattered. And little bits flew up and nicked the top of my left foot. What fun.

Since then, my day has been a blur of fussy screaming/crying Emmett John. A nap - thank God. More fussing. More screaming. Nursing. Diaper changes. Trip to the grocery store. Still *more* fussing. And now I'm pinned to the bed by a sleeping but not fussing Emmett John.

I made my first phone call of the new school year to Gavin's school today. School starts August 18th. I've got my first PTA meeting with the school director and my partner in crime a week before school starts. (Hi Debbie!) Then we've got Orientation a few days after that.

I'm torn though. I'm so excited for school to start again. But at the same time, I'm terrified. I don't know how to juggle everything. I have a school full of parents and I don't know how to get them excited to help out. I can't figure out how to get them involved. I'm an ADHD adult and I know I can keep this organized if only I could tap into that part of my brain. I have to be on the top of my game to make this work. Right now, I can't figure out how to get back there.


April said...

You're a very, very contaigous person. My guess is, if you're enthused people will follow suit. I think you will light them up and animate them, hon. And if you don't, cry. That always works for me. And if they're not suckers for crying ladies, try bribes. Chocolate especially. :)

Ah...true love...

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