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Ok, so yet again I've been MIA. I'm trying to get into a groove to correct that. I swear. There has just been far too much drama going on for my tastes lately. But that's not why I'm blogging. I've come to share some adorable kid stories with you.

Danny, Dyvin & Payton

As of April 1st my big sister (long story that I'll share later) Trisha, her husband John and their 3 kids - Danny (almost 12 yrs.), Dyvin (8 yrs.) and Payton (5 yrs.) will be moving down the street. (If I get the okay to use full first names I will, until then you get these nicknames.) Well, Payton is absolutely head-over-heels in love with my Tiny Doodlebug (honestly who isn't) and was overheard telling Danny and Dyvin how Emmett John could spend the night once they were all moved. Here's how the conversation went:

Payton: Mommy can buy Emmett John his own bed and put it in my room at the new house so he can spend the night.
Danny: Sorry Fudge but Emmett John can't spend the night.
P: Why not?!
D: Well, Emmett John is only 9 months old and Mommy never let any of us spend the night away from home when we were that little.
P: But Mommy talks to Aunt Lizzie all the time! And we live 3 doors down!
D: Emmett John would get hungry.
P: (getting frustrated with Jr's ignorance) Mommy would make him bottles.
D: Emmett John doesn't drink bottles.
P: So we will buy him baby food.
D: Emmett John needs more than baby food, Fudge.
P: What does he eat then?
(Dyvin has been listening all this time.)
Dyvin: What?! Ew! Gross!
P: What D?! What's gross?
D: (sighs)
Dyvin: (disgusted) Fudge, Emmett John eats Aunt Lizzie's boobies!
P: (horrified) What?! I had a bottle. (more of a plea than a statement) Why would Aunt Lizzie do that?!
D: Some mommies feed their babies that way because it's better. Mommy fed me that way.
(enter my sister)
Trisha: Yes, Fudge, you drank a bottle. And so did you D. We don't call them boobies. Aunt Lizzie calls them nummies when she's referring to Emmett John. (She proceeds to explain nursing and whatnot to P and D.)

I just about died when she told me this story. Of course, now with them all living 3 doors down I expect to have many more stories like this one to share. :)


Slade said...

oh my gosh....that is the funniest thing I've read all week!!!

Lorie said...

So stinkin' cute.

Ah...true love...

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