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Let's make this short and sweet. Rob's baby sister Jenn moved in across the street tonight. Granted living with Fibro tends to limit my helpfulness when it comes to moving. I can't lift much. Can't really carry much either. Climbing stairs repeatedly, nope. So I hung the shower curtain and put her towels away. Hung out a bit. Even though I didn't do much, I am so beyond exhausted.

I had planned, well, more like hoped that I was going to write a post about how we had planned for things to go. Then how things had really gone. How I don't miss moving. I don't miss packing or sorting or unpacking. I don't miss having to feed those who are kind enough to help you move. Likewise, I don't like having to prented to know where I want everything or even that I have any of the answers because most likely, I don't. And as much as I wouldn't mind being 18 years old again, especially if I could be 18 knowing what I know now, I don't think I want to go through all that again.

Bright side: Jenn is all moved in.

Dark side: I'm in gobs of pain. And so overwhelmed and exhausted that I'm twitching.



Ah...true love...

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