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Elliott Richard is currently allowing his hair to "grow tall" by his request. When he wants it cut, we will have it cut. If you don't agree with this method, sorry but he's three and can't control much in his life so we've decided to give him control over the length of his hair. Anywho, in order for him to grow "tall" hair we bought some of that hair spray to detrangle his hair without the tears. After his tubby this morning, Rob sprayed Elliott Richard's hair and accidentally got some on his face, which caused his face to break out. This is the conversation that followed:

Daddy: Mommy, look at Elliott's face. He's all broken out.

Me: Boo-boo, come let Mommy see your face.

Elliott Richard: No Mommy. It's mines face. Get your's own.

Me: Baby, come here please.

Elliott Richard comes over and I check his face.

Me: Yeah, he's broken out but he'll be okay.

Elliott Richard: Mines face is not broken!



Ah...true love...

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