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32 weeks! Yippee!

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What Tiny is up to today: In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature! This means you’ll probably get a swift kick if you put a hot pad on your ginormous belly. For the Elton John lovers out there-- yes, baby’s got blue eyes. At this point, all babies do, although depending on their chromosomal disposition, this could easily change after birth (or even between now and labor), but for the time being, blue it is. Thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week, survive premature births. So it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if your little monkey’s planning on heading out early, their survival odds are in everyone’s favor. Time to celebrate (no, no, wait until after the birth to crack open the champagne!) We’re talking baby-showers and alcohol-free punch!

Oh and to answer the question some of you have been asking about Tiny's name...I was happy with Alexander. I even thought we may have found a middle name. Then Rob decides that he likes "Reid" and can't live without it. (insert eye roll here) I don't know how I feel about it. As a middle name, maybe. But I don't really care for it as a first name. (Help!)


Anonymous said...

Is that pronounced Reed? It's ok, actually I kind of like it. But Gavin won't be happy if you change "his" name, ya know?

MarcsMom said...

I'm with Barbie on that one Gavin may roll his eyes too! Reed is ok too reminds me of another name tho hmmmmm. anyways glad things are cooking along see you soon! (((((((((hugs))))))))

Julie said...

Maybe you could remind Rob how important the name Alexander was to Gavin. :)

Ah...true love...

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