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I have been gently reminded that I need to post an update. (You know who you are. :p lol) So here it is...

Let's snuck out yesterday with Rob and Elliott Richard. The plan was to get in the car and go for a ride and then come home. That was it. Not really cheating on my bed rest. More of bending the rules on location.

So we went to the store. Rob and Elliott went in. I stayed in the car and gabbed on the phone to my friend, Debbie. When they came back Rob put Elliott in his car seat and Elliott started screaming "Let go!" which has become his latest defence against the car seat. (lol) Then he started coughing and Rob saw him cough up blood. As soon as he brought it up, he swallowed it again. Then he just started to scream and cry. We tried to look inside his mouth to see if he was cutting a tooth or had bit his tongue but Elliott wasn't playing along. Then it dawned on us that over the past few days, Elliott's had not "black and tarry" stools but definitely black and grainy.

We debated going straight to the Emergency Room but decided that since we were so close to his pediatrician's office we would try there first. Rob called and spoke with a nurse and we were able to get in to see someone right then, which was nice. It wasn't Elliott's regular pediatrician but one of his partners in the practice. We spoke with her and told her what was going on. She said that it could have been a nose bleed. But she didn't really see any evidence of that. She asked if he had been coughing long, thinking he had coughed so much that he had irritated things and the blood came from there. He doesn't have a cough. Just coughed up blood the one time. She said there were a few things it "could be" but no evidence of any of them. So now we are playing the "wait and see" game while we do a test here at home that will help them determine if there is blood in his stool. Hopefully we'll have that finished today or tomorrow so we can send it in and get the results. I just hate playing the "wait and see" game. I feel like we should be doing something. Although I know that if we were to be doing more right now, that would mean a bunch of invasive tests for Elliott. So a lot of pain and suffering and tears and maybe no more answers than we have now. So I'll wait.

For now, he hasn't coughed up anymore blood. Which is good. And his stools have gone back to being a little more normal. So for now, he is doing okay.

I just got off the phone with Dr. D's office. I needed a refill on my muscle relaxers for my back. (Since physical therapy was a bust.) Plus my paperwork on my Heparin injections states that I should start recieving weekly NST's and biophysical profiles (ultrasounds) but I wasn't told last week to schedule those for my appointment next week. And I haven't been sleeping. Between the contractions (that are useless and accomplishing nothing but exhausting me), the back ache and my fibro...I'm not sleeping and I can't survive like this much longer. She talked to Dr. D and called me back. She added the NST (I'm not sure about the BPP.) to my appointment next week and called in scripts for my meds. Hopefully tonight I'll get to sleep...ah dare to dream.

Other than that I'm trying to get some cards made for the Etsy Store. While I relax and try to stay sane. On the bright side, Xander is having a grand 'ole time in there. We've been having these daily battles over who gets to claim my ribs. He feels justified in jamming his head, or butt or any other body part right in the middle of my ribs. I, however, feel that with everything else going on I have a right to evict him from my ribs in the name of breathing (which he doesn't seem to feel is very necessary) or not tasting my food a second time (again this doesn't seem to be a big deal to him). So we've taken to doing this little song and dance of him jamming himself up in my ribs. And then me trying as gently as humanly possible to nudge him down and out of my ribs. This dance will probably continue until he makes his official appearance.

Speaking of his appearance, I've decided that I will do everything within my power to make it to 37 weeks, minimum. If we make it to 37 weeks, then odds are HUGE that we will go home together. I can nurse him without any issues like we had with Elliott Richard. We won't have to decide between nursing or bottle feeding and which will get him released sooner. I won't have to pump. We will spend two, maybe three days in the hospital and then come home. So that's my goal...37 weeks.


Julie said...

I hope Elliott Richard is doing better and hope that Xander stops preventing you from breathing LOL. Baby O is still breech and pushes his head against my belly making me lopsided and dangles his feet above my cervix, occasionally jabbing me there - loads of fun. ;0

Nicole said...

Hope the poop study is almost done ;) & Xander is behaving himself. Jr is being his normal wiggly self! (I think they want to throw a dance party or something!!)

Lola said...

HA! Yes I know its me you're talking about :P You can't just send me a text like you did and then NOT update me anywhere :P

Ah...true love...

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