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Do you know what I just *love*?

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I just love when teeny-boppers call *my* cell phone and give me attitude and lip. Here's how the call went: (remember her voice was high-pitched and attitudey in that way only a teenage girl can pull off)

Me: Hello? (I didn't know the number.)
TB (Teeny-Bopper): Hi!
Me: Uh...hi?
TB: Hi! (can't you just picture her doing that head bobble thing?)
Me: Ummm...
TB: (catching on): Uh...who are YOU?
(remember she called ME!)
Me: Who are you looking for?
TB: Oh, for-get it! (click)

Yeah, so I just love getting those phone calls.

(That's sarcasm by the way.)


Lola said...

H had some snotty brat call him once. Kid kept calling back & calling back. That was until H turned the tables and kept calling HIM and calling him and calling him. At some point the kid started freaking out and his MOTHER had to get on the phone to ask H to stop lol

Ah...true love...

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