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Hormones with a side of Cool Whip

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Well, here we are. Day 11 post partum. Just when I think my hormones are starting to even out, they take another hairpin turn. I'm thrown into another crying jag over a crazy look from Emmett. Or the most recent episode of "Army Wives".

Last night (Saturday night) was my first truly sleepless night. I mean those first few hours were sleepless but that's because I was riding an adrenaline rush. Emmett woke up at 3:00am hungry and fussy. I nursed him but he was still pretty fussy so we went downstairs. By the time he fell asleep, I couldn't. Then when I could, he was making funny noises that terrify me. So I gave up.

Tonight has guessed it...anther sleepless night. Elliott Richard woke up at like 1:30am and no matter how exhausted he was refused/fought sleep. Finally at around 4am Rob took him downstairs so Emmett John and I could sleep. Yeah. I look like I'm sleeping, huh?

Bright side? Emmett John is sleeping at this very moment.

Not so bright side? He and I are co-sleeping. Something Dr. H is dead set against. Something Rob was okay with until Dr. H stated that it's taking a risk and made his case against it.

Problem? Emmett hates the bassinet. (I know. I know. Why would he want to sleep there when he could sleep next to me.) and I need to sleep. Plus, with me, Rob, Elliott Richard, *and* Emmett John all in the same bed room...well, it's far more difficult. If it were just the three of us with Elliott Richard in his room, we could let Emmett fuss a bit. But that wakes up Elliott Richard and we end up with disasters like tonight.


Oh and just to clarify my last post to Rob. Nothing has happened. We are as good as can be expected. I just wanted him to know how I feel and I suck at saying it out loud. So I write it.


Anonymous said...

Try pumping some milk and let Rob give Emmett a bottle so you can get a little sleep. See if someone will take Elliott for a few hours and then maybe you and Rob can get a nap. I can pick up Gavin after work if you want me to. I wish I didn't have to work and I could help you more. I know how demanding a newborn can be and you have two other children to deal with too. Let me know how I can help. There are other family members who are willing to help also. Love, Mom

Summer said...

Oh gods do I remember that. It gets easier, I promise. But I know that's not much comfort when you're waist deep in hormones and needy children. If absolutely need be you could try making a pallet on the floor and sleeping there with the baby for a little more room. We co-slept but my partner worked nights so it was just me and the boys all night. Still I know it can be migraine inducing trying to get everyone situated those first few weeks.

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