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Mama said...

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there's be days like this.

Elliott Richard: giggling and driving cars down the back of the couch onto Emmett John's head
Me: Elliott Richard, we do not drive (read that 'drop') cars on Emmett John's head!
Elliott Richard: Saw-we. (Sorry) (Then does it again.)
Me: Timeout!
Elliott Richard: No! No! No! (as he sulks off to timeout)
Once he's in timeout this is what I hear:
Elliott Richard: No timeout! Mean Mommy! Where Daddy?
Me: Elliott, timeout is quiet time.
Elliott Richard: Wee me moan! Wee me moan! Wee me moan! (Leave me alone)
At this point I call Rob (who took Gavin to see Patty) so he can hear the cute-ness that is "wee me moan".
Me: Honey, listen to how cute Elliott Richard is.
Elliott Richard: I NOT cute! WEE! ME! MOAN!

I guess I should have listened to my mama, huh? *sigh*


Lola said...

lmao!!! yeah this is what reminds me of why i don't want to do it again lol - cuteness and all.

Ah...true love...

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