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Mr. Emmett John, Our Busy Little Bee

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I finally finished that post I've been working on for 5 days now so I figured I would started catching up with some pictures. :) Enjoy! :)

So Rob, Trisha and I were hanging out tonight just watching television and doing a whole lot of nothing special. When Trisha starts to laugh. Rob and I look up to find this:

Picky, picky! Only the "special" treasures were chosen. Wish I knew what the criteria were. (lol)

Okay so this picture is kind of blurry but Emmett John moves quick! (lol) He worked his way around the living room. Gathering the toys he wanted. Leaving those he didn't want behind. One-by-one he would crawl over to it. Pick it up. Crawl back to the swing. Place it in the seat. And then go back for the next treasure. Over and over until all of the treasures he wanted were in his seat.

The last "crowning jewel" on top was his sippy of cold water. :)

What really cracked us up was the few times he went so far as to lay flat on his belly to retreive a long forgotten treasure from under the couch to add to his collection.

Mr. Emmett John with his "treasures" all neatly gathered in his swing seat where he placed them, one by one.

Sometimes, he honestly amazes me with the things he comes up with at 13 months old! Then I get a little scared because I wonder what the next 17-20 years are going to bring. You see what I'm sayin'? (lol)



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