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How much is TOO much?

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Every once in a while I find myself pondering, "How much is too much?" What things just should not be shared on a blog? Does such a limit exist? Or is it merely a self-imposed limit used to try and keep the peace and help maintain relationships? If it is self-imposed is there a "right time" to remove it? Do others have a say in it's removal even if they aren't an active part of the blog itself?

Some seriously major things have been going on in my life lately. I was asked not to say anything about these goings on; however, that request was made before. Before I was disowned and my family was threatened. This is now.

Now I just have to figure out "How much is too much?" before I post the details. Problem is that I can't just post part of it because it won't make much sense. So now I have to decide what to do.

Any thoughts?



Nicole said...

My answer is a question to your question. Is this disownment permanent? Do you forsee any reconcilliation in the future? If the answer to both is yes & no then do as YOU see fit. It's YOUR blog. YOU are the chief cook and bottle washer who ultmately decides what to publish and what not to. No one can impose anything on you. Simply you choose to restrain yourself by their request.

On the flip side, if the answer to either of those questions is maybe to either of them. Weigh the ultimate outcome. Is it a bridge you want to walk way from leaving it in flames and shambles? If you waver at all on your answer to this - then perhaps now is not the time.

I'm sure the ones that made the request, guilty or innocent, regardless of the ultimate outcome will in someway continue to read your blog. So it remains ultimately your decision. I can tell you that no matter what the issue, sometimes things look unrepairable but time and distance can sometimes change the way things look. So just because it looks one way today does not mean it will have the exact same perspective next month or next year.

john said...

I am new to your blog, glad I found it. My advice...what ever you write, just remember you can never take it away. It's there, permanant. Even if you delete it, it still is in the mind of those who read it.

My rule of thumb is, if i am uncomfortable writing it down, for whatever reason, i just wont write it.

Dr.John said...

Will writing it hurt or punish somebody? Then don't do it.
If it is to clear your thinking write it and don't publish it.
If it is to defend yourself and your family the blog is not the place.
It all depends on your reasons for telling the story.

CA_Rose said...

I agree with john and Dr.John. Think about WHAT and WHY you want to communicate this content, and then TO WHOM you want to communicate it. And use those answer to help you figure out if publishing them to your blog is the right thing to do.

Will help you get the outcome you want?

Sorry things are tough. I hope things are better soon.

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