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Tuesday Toot #11 ~ September Comment Challenge

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For my Tuesday Toot this week, I have joined the September Comment Challenge!

The challenge is to leave 500 comments between now, Tuesday, September 1st and Wednesday, September 31st. Which honestly sounds next to impossible but really super fun! :)

If you would like to join in the next to impossible, super fun...head on over to The September Comment Challege. Grab the button. Sign up. And join the fun. :)

In case you are curious, I have left a whole 8 comments so far today. But I still have to finish reading my Saturday 9's (yes, I'm that far behind) and my Tuesday Toots. So I should have plenty of comments (which I would have left anyway, I'm not leaving comments just for the sake of this challenge) left by the end of the day. (Assuming I can stay away from OME long enough. lol)



Charlene said...

visiting via the blogamama! I LOVE your layout! I'm not sure I could keep up with making that many comments, but it sounds kinda fun - good luck!

Katrina said...

I am going to try it! Thanks for the idea! This is comment #9... hehe.

Dr.John said...

It is hard enough doing my fiends list.

Ah...true love...

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